Saturday, November 2, 2013

Full Timer “Things” & Twanging It

I was asked what are some “things” that we carry as full timers.  Good question.  The answer is simple.  We carry as much “stuff” as we can and still be under weight.  We have must have, should have, nice to have and really don’t need stuff..  In the 43 footer we had a lot of really don’t need but had it anyhow. 

The Baby compartments (underneath) I carry 62’ of fresh water hose along with various water connectors, regulators.  DSC_0010

The coach came with a 25’ 50 AMP chord.  I got an additional 15’ 50 AMP chord.  Plus a 25’ 30 AMP chord along with numerous adapters.  The yellow chord is a heavy duty 15 amp extension chord.  Plenty of room.  DSC_0008

I also have a 30 AMP autoformer thing (lower left) for low voltage usually in older parks or overcrowded under powered parks.  I carry a small canvas bag of towing hooks, keepers, elect  chord, misc for towing.  It’s setting on top of the autoformer.  I carry tools, small parts that would fit in one plastic bin but are spread out.  This compartment is only about 5 inches wide.DSC_0006-001 

Sewer lines are Rhino because they collapse small and are pretty good quality.  I have a 15 footer and a 20 footer along with a 20’ sewer holder upper.  I also have another water filter not shown.  It’s my sediment filter (cheap).  Then the one you see is for the quality reusable filter.DSC_0009  

I have a Weber LP gas grill, large fire ring (LP)with rocks and a 20 lb LP tank.  This time we will be carrying a 2000 watt Honda generator and a 2 gallon tank for it.  Oh yea, we will be carrying a 10X10 shelter (EZ UP) and a 6 foot table.  Also, our 7 ft fiberglass ladder on the back of the rig along with a 4 foot step stool to get to the thing. 

Notice the low awning – nice for a motorhome.  Picture taken in Summerdale.DSC_0012-001

Plus two chairs that we carry underneath and two really fold up small chairs in the Jeep.  Carol has a bin of gardening stuff.  We have other stuff that we need but don’t remember at the moment.  Once we get loaded I will add pictures if the camera can take a wide shot.

I went to wash the Baby this morning about 8 AM and turned around and went back in.  It was in the low 40s.  Summer is gone.  I think we will be in the low 70’s/high 60s during the day and into the very low 40s for the next few weeks.  That’s is really fine.  We went hit Congress, AZ mid December I think it might be about 10 degrees colder.  the weather people are calling for showers for the next few days so the Baby’s first wash just might have to wait.

Jim & Lisa Koca were evidently bored and came over in the evening to visit.  I think they wanted to show off their new toy.  It’s a brand new Ford 450 Ranch Edition.  I think Ranch Edition means it already smells like po.  It looked real nice.  It runs on DEF also.  We had many laughs.  All we had to do was listen to Lisa talk.  She’s a Texan and talks with a twang.  We like hearing her say, ice, tile and towel.  She’s not as colorful as Tommie Sue Hicks but does run a close second for twanging it.

Tomorrow (Sun) we leave for Athens, TX to get the tow brake installed on the Jeep by M&G Engineering, their headquarters.  It’s about 150 miles north by northwest of here.  We will be back in Livingston Monday late afternoon.

The Escapees mag Nov-Dec just came out.  It looks like there will be 15 or so Escapees events mostly chapter/BOF rallies in Quartzsite in January.  That seems to be the biggest in a long time.  We will be there for sure.  If you have never been and want to join in the boring hectic fun but aren’t sure how to just contact me.  I will fill you in as to where to stay with us.  There will be an inanition…hope I spelled that right.

See ya……