Thursday, November 14, 2013

And Does Winnebago Call Back?

The dehumidifier and the electric heaters didn’t stop the condensation.  I’m for moving into a dry area.  Carol say’s not yet, so be it! 

We'll see if Winnebago calls later with their fix on the Baby’s wetting problem.

I’m still playing around with the Alaska schedule.  It’s five pages long and very flexible.  My intentions are to plan the trip so that’s it’s flexible enough to do and see things.  It’s to make it more of a rough direction to follow than a schedule. That might be a little hard to conceive for some.  It’s the Loosey Goosey schedule.  In a nut shell, do what you want, where you want and who you want to do it with if anybody and kinda going in the same general direction.  Sounds like a quote from the 60’s.

Ahhh…. memories of the sixties and flower power.  For me that was when the Marine Corps Parris Island Boot Camp drill instructor said to get down on the ground and do push ups.  He said I could eat the flowers one pedal at a time if I wanted to.  He said that was flower power.  Later I called it diarrhea.  Ahhhh those were the days…

I cleaned all the windows in the rig.  They all pretty bad water spots.  They all came really clean.  Next I will have to tackle the wheels someday.  They need some real polishing to get crap off them.

We went over and helped set up the Boot Camp classroom.  Mark is expecting another 70 or students.  They might let me have the mic again to tell a few jokes. 

Jim and Linda Work are back for awhile.  They bought a 2006 Winnebago Journey 36 footer last year and are loving it.  Jim said it seems like the mileage just keeps adding on.  That translates to they really like driving it.

Blog readers Mike & Ellen Schwarz did a drive by on us today.  They told us earlier they were coming by for a quick stop then had to leave.  We met them at the scales here at the park.  They were getting weighed by Smart Weigh here.  Now they have to go to Freightliner and get their air bags leveled.  They’re 3,000 lbs difference on left to right side at their rear axle.  They still had to go get their rig (2010 42’ Tour)  inspected and then titled.  We met them down in FL at Lazydays when we were getting the Baby.  They leave tomorrow so we just got a drive by visit with them.  Maybe it was those beans I had over at Mark’s last night?

Nope Winnebago never called like they said they would.  They’re lips were moving was all.  I really never expected them to.  They’re a normal manufacture and are too busy to call their customers with problems.  I would be embarrassed to work for any company with that kind of customer service.  No, I wouldn’t work for a company like that.  Oh well…such is life…Happy Happy Happy!

See ya….