Friday, November 22, 2013

Hold Them Down Till They Squeal Like Pigs

I called Lazydays (Tucson) to add to our list of bugs to check/repair/replace.  While doing so I figured I better check on one thing that I already had on the list.  It was the constant front end slight pull to the right.  Upon getting into what they do for that the customer service rep asked what size of tire I had.  I said 275/80/22.5.  The rep said, “Oh we don’t work on anything that has that size of tire.”  I asked when were they going to tell me that, when I show up.  The rep said,  “I just now told you.”  I lost it……I told them weeks ago plus I’m the one inquiring about the details now.   I let them know what I thought of their customer service so far.  I 'ill be like a hawk on a field mouse on their work in two weeks.

I called Winnebago next.  Their reply was that is a Freightliner problem not a Winnebago.  I told them what I thought of that being a brand new coach and it should have been checked out at their dealership.  The bridges were burning like the Yosemite fires.

I called Freightliner RV Chassis and got the “it’s not our responsibility.  It’s the manufacture.”  I gave them my two cents worth but never gave them my serial number of the rig.  I called a Freightliner dealer and the cost was $265 to check and align.  I called Freightliner back a few hours later.  I gave them my serial number along with some special BS honey and explained the whole story or at least the part that it was brand new.  He said,  “No problem.  We at Freightliner will take care of that, no charge.”  He gave me a repair order number to give to the Freightliner dealer.  Now that’s customer service!  They can call it Goodwill or what ever they want and the customer is Happy, Happy, Happy!

I also learned something else from Freightliner.  If you see a device on a Freightliner Chassis that’s on one manufactures coach you can add it to another manufacture’s chassis.  For instance, Newmar brags about their Smartdirve on their coaches.  You can order it on let’s say a Winnebago.  It will take a little extra time but yes you can.  I thought that was interesting.

I figured I was on a roll so I called Verizon for what I called an overcharge.  Forty minutes later they agreed and will credit our account $10 next month.  They tried to charge me two months service for one month of extra calling minutes.  I only wanted one month when I ordered it and was told the famous, “No problem.”  They’re sales people and their lips were moving. 

You got to hold companies accountable and make them squeal like a little piglet.  Yes, it takes time and is very tiring and frustrating.  I use honey but I’m very low on it usually. 

Nap time.

For diner I took Carol to the local gas station.  It was a two pumper.  That’s redneck talk for it had two gas pumps.  I had a burger and she had a BLT.  It was pretty good.  Better than those red dogs if you ever had one of those you know what I’m talking about for sure.  We went there because Donna Clifton asked that we and others go there and discuss our Thanksgiving diner table obligations.  We did more BSing than anything.  The gas station staff even got in on the fun.  Having fun can be contagious.  Just ask Donna & I.

Later I took Carol to the movies.  They had a chick flick comedy with Sandra Bullock there at the Escapees park club house. It was free like every Friday.  The movie characters used the word F---K more times in that hour and half than I heard in my 21 years in the Marines.  It was distracting.  Anyhow, free popcorn and drinks.  I think I O.D. on the popcorn.

The day was wet and dreary but somehow we came out smelling like roses or was that gas fumes?

See ya………