Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carol’s Birthday

We did absolutely nothing of interest except eat. I fixed Carol breakfast in bed, a light lunch then pigged out for dinner.  A few pounds of shrimp steamed with Old Bay.DSC_0004-1


Tomorrow, Monday we move to Admiral Baker’s Campground in San Diego.  We then start helping out (paying) with our daughter’s wedding.  One daughter – one wedding – let’s do it.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Near The Big City


Saturday was another day in the quaint park of Thousand Trails Pio Pico near San Diego.  Here’s the entrance.



Here’s their Grand Hall that does it all.  Here we had breakfast for a grand total of $10.  Eggs, bacon, French toast, and coffee for two. DSC_0005


Our site was pretty nice even though it only had 30AMP.  No sewer and we didn’t hook up our water because we had plenty.  We had datastorm along with TV on the roof as usual.  We didn’t have any cell phone service until I hooked up the trucker antennae and the amplifier. Now we have good service but the phone has to stay in the rig due to the hook up.  Life is hard sometimes (smile).DSC_0015


This little cute thing landed on my mirror but our front screen was down.  I shot the picture thru the screen anyhow because of how cute the thing was.  Then it pooped on my mirror – nice guy and still cute.DSC_0003


About the same time this heron was across the street so I gave him a few frames too.DSC_0019



Things were flying everywhere…….DSC_0024

And then there is Carol’s breakfast (Sunday) I cooked for her and served her in bed.  Don’t all guys do this everyday for their poopsy? DSC_0026

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DSC_0028

Last night we thought we would go get some Little Caesar’s $5 pizza.  Will, we are near a big city for sure.  Had almost two head on accidents, a tailgater and someone behind me with their bright headlights on.  This was all within 3 miles on what use to be back roads.  Higher the population the higher the idiot factor multiplies.  Another friggin adventure for sure.

See Ya……….

Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Friday What An Active Day

This is the new casino on Algodones Road. They have some great eateries there and you can get some great deals (pun intended on the word deal). 


We had a late breakfast with friends, Frank & Sharon (left) and Steve & Laura.  Larua is behind Steve trying to hide.   Plenty of good food and friendships.  Steve and Frank are two of our instructors also.  And of course that is my beautiful bride of 38 years (brownie points) setting on the left at the end of the table.DSC_0053


We needed our rig wired to the supplemental brake system in our newly acquired car (Mom Hill’s).  Southwest (Yuma) was recommended by our Senior Instructor Jerry Ray (get well guy!).  They wired the coach in 45 minutes.  Then they told me they wouldn’t touch the Honda because it wasn’t installed properly.  They said that it was the worst installation they have ever seen, ever!  To call it a backyard installation would be giving credit to the hatchet job that was done.  Who did it?  RV Shack in Livingston, TX. They not only over charged my Mom they did a hatchet job.  The owner is 3 quarts low of a 4 quart pan.  I have dealt with this guy – he is passive/aggressive.  I would rather live in total darkness than take a light bulb from him.  Anyhow,  Southwest people are great and they really know what they are doing.  It was Friday afternoon and they needed another 4-5 hours to remove the brake system and reinstall – we were both out of time.  We made an appointment for mid February when we return to complete the job.DSC_0054 DSC_0057


We left Yuma and headed for Pio Pico, Thousand Trails Park near Jamul, CA.  Here is a lettuce field.  Carol is taking these pictures.DSC_0063


To Algodones, MX.  Liquor, drugs, dental, glasses – what else could a senior want. DSC_0076  DSC_0085


This is the exit for the area where we have stayed in the past and last night.DSC_0090

And this is the general area we were in.DSC_0100

On down I-8 west the sand dunes get real close to the road.DSC_0106

Yes there is someone on the dune.DSC_0115

Look real close or click on the picture you can see Dad pushing his son up the hill.  Isn’t bonding great.  I think that is Mom setting in the 4 wheeler.DSC_0121

And the sun starts to go down.DSC_0124

Sunsets are great out here in the west


And now the rest of the story.  We turned off I-8 and got on to route 94 west.  What a friggin adventure and a pretty drive.  At least that is what Carol told me.  I was busy driving the road from hell.  It was to be a 40 mile trip and get us into the park near Jamul about 6PM.  Well folks it’s a road for only the experienced drivers with a shorter rig and not towing.  Yes, there were signs saying nothing over 40 feet, etc.  Hey, I am 40 feet 9 inches and proud to be like any man.  We want credit for every inch.  It is a pretty drive.  Wish I could have seen it.  I was busy with the tight turns, braking, engine heating, mirrors and so forth.  It was tight and actually thought I might have rubbed the Honda in one spot (didn’t).  It took 1 1/2 hours for this 40 mile short cut.  It burnt me out and I actually did some sweating.  I wish I had a working pucker because the pucker factor would have been very high.  We got into the park at night, Carol parked the rig, we ate, we went to bed, and that’s the rest of the story.  Oh, no cell phone service in the area.  We will leave Monday and go into San Diego – yes, right into the middle of it.  I am sure there will be a story or two.

See ya………….

Thursday, January 28, 2010

It’s Another Day

We said our good byes to good friends and headed toward Yuma on I-8 West with Denny Orr following.  We got to the Yuma Flying J and paid $2.73 for diesel and $2.25 for LP.  Then we went to the super Flea Market.  That place was cookin.  It’s the most crowded I have ever seen.  We got parking spots on the far out skirts and that was luck especially when we parked next to each other.  We did the market thing for a couple of hours and left.  We figured we would go to the casino by the prison.  What a mud hole and security was not cooperating with RVers at all.  We will NEVER go back.  Went to the new casino and it was jammed  packed with RVs.  Probably due to the other one being half way flooded and ran by non friendly security folks.  Well Denny stayed because he has dental Friday morning and kinda had to put up with the over crowding to get into MX early.  We went on down (west) to Sidewinder Road, south side frontage road about 3 miles down to the dead end and hung a left.  Not really crowded here like it usually is.

Here are some shots out here around Mr Roger’s neighborhood.DSC_0041 


Same shot below after I broke out “The Whale (500mm zoom lens)” for the first time in awhile.  Now you can see the RVs parked out in the nearby BLM land. This is the difference between a 200mm zoom and a 500mm zoom lens!DSC_0047

I zoomed to the top of the mountain and got this faint shot of a balloon over Yuma.DSC_0046

This shot is going over into Mexico. DSC_0048

This shot is heading north.DSC_0049

I saw two of my neighbors.DSC_0044

Then I broke out the Whale again.  These RVs have been here for several years that I know of. One fifth wheel.DSC_0051

And one motorhome.  No preference treatment out here.  They all rot the same.


Friday we go back into Yuma to Southwest Shop.  These guys are suppose to be the geniuses of installing brake systems on tow cars. We have one on the Honda but need to get our RV equipped to match. 

See ya…………….

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Graduation Day for Boot Camp

The morning starts off with smiles.DSC_0006

Mac , somebody wants to buy a fire extinguisher! “Who, where!”DSC_0007



This student is amazed that she has learned so much.DSC_0013



This is John the owner of Augie’s RV Park.  They run a tight ship here.  It’s so tight that the mice have left.DSC_0023

Here’s Neil talking about tires or getting ready to sing, I forget which.DSC_0027


The RVSEF weigh team (the Langs) were here weighing over 30 coaches.  They are busy, busy!DSC_0032


This is a Grand Villa, an oldie but goodie for sure.DSC_0036

Needles to say all good things come to an end.DSC_0029

I was so excited I dropped my phone and then I drove over it.  It didn’t pass the test.  I have had cell phones for almost ten years and never broke one.  These past few months I have had two run overs.  One by someone else when I dropped it and now this one I ran over.  Walt Gunn had a phone that he gave me.  He stopped using it when he got another one free. Thanks Walt/Kelly.  I called up Verizon and within a few minutes I had phone service again.  Now that was pretty neat.  Thank you modern technology.

The Guns, LeKanders, Hinmans, Denny Orr, Mark Nemeth and us went out to a local pizza place for dinner here in Gila Bend.  It’s the only place for pizza and it’s just about the only dinner place in Gila Bend besides the spaceship restaurant.  We had a blast.  If we hadn’t bought so much pizza I think they would have asked us to leave.  WE were very loud especially when we sang happy birthday to somebody we didn’t know.  Alls well that ends well.  Tomorrow (Thursday) we will all go are separate ways and we will meet again in the future and have a blast again.  That’s the name of the game and it’s a great one.

We will head for San Diego with a stop in Yuma to get our coach hooked with our SMI on our CR-V Honda.  We will be in San Diego for our Daughter’s wedding.  She calls about 3-4 times a day.  I think she is getting a little anxious and that’s good.

See Ya……………

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow A Lot of Good RV Information




Ahhhh, ain’t she cute……wait until you see her next picture…DSC_0029


Students are waiting to sign up to get their RVs weighed. I was told it was over 30 rigs.DSC_0049


Here are three tin pans of pulled pork – It was a big hit especially when students got heaping scoops.  I guess it’s more into quantity and not quality.DSC_0061


Someone just told Mac that they put out fires with water!DSC_0062

All readyDSC_0064


Mac is saying, “Yes I can put the fire out with this little one!DSC_0065

Opps, I guess it didn’t.DSC_0068

Kelly where are thou…..DSC_0071

Mark you are not allowed in until you cook all those dogs!DSC_0074

On your Mark…



Get ready…DSC_0077-1

get ready…..



Puff – everybody disappeared…DSC_0100-1

Mark, have Mac cook them there dogs.DSC_0086-1

This is Augie the owner of the park…DSC_0090-1


Mark is still cooking those dogs…..DSC_0105-1


This looks like real trouble……………….DSC_0108-1


Denny is trying to figure out out to get a drink out of the container.  It’s hard for him without Susie to guide him along.DSC_0110-1

Oh it looks so pretty……DSC_0112-1

Women and cookies – there’s a combo you don’t want to get between.DSC_0114-1

It’s so quite when they eat.DSC_0120-1

Kelly, Kelly.  I don’t know why she keeps following her dog around without a baggie.DSC_0130-1


Kelly is trying to get Walt to eat the mike.DSC_0132-1


Yes I can read and talk at the same time but don’t ask me to move too!!! The girls are listening and the guys have their heads down – what’s up with that….DSC_0135-1

Hey guys, these people are really listening to us full timers and how we do full timing.DSC_0137-1

Wow, what an interesting day…

See Ya……