Saturday, January 23, 2010

Pot Luck & Prize Give Away Day In Quartzsite

Our cats decided this was the best place to be at 5AMDSC_0500


Saturday started out with coffee and danish for those early risers (by 9 AM)DSC_0501


I thought this was a picture that says a lot.DSC_0503


There are little green men out here.DSC_0506


Mark what’s that black mark on your face?DSC_0510

Let’s take a better look.  Mark had this black smudge on his face for a week – just joking – it was two weeks.DSC_0512


We had a lot of great food.  Brenda – Carol said no more beans for me!  It was a warm night…DSC_0515


This was the start of smoking 10 of these Boston Butts back in LivingstonBlog Jan 23


Hey, a little barbeque sauce and warming them up on the coals.  It don’t get to much better.DSC_0516


Dinner time and we ate. Yes, plenty of food left over.  We had a drawing for the left over smoked pork.DSC_0519


And we ate…….DSC_0523

And ate….DSC_0524


Some of us got up and told stories.  This is Denny Orr telling his famous up or down cruise ship joke.  Did he really tell that joke again – yep, new audience.DSC_0527


And we ate more as the sun started to settle.  Then we had the fun prize drawings.  Everybody liked their special “fun” gifts…..DSC_0529

This was our last full day of our little get together.  We had 23 rigs show up and fed 44 people.  Down from last year due to the real bad weather we had just a couple of days ago.  Sunday we head for Gila Bend and Augie’s RV Park to participate in the Escapee’s Boot Camp – Let’s roll….See Ya……….

A SPECIAL NOTE…We had a couple coming to our get together who lost their rig (turn over) in Blyth during the tornado last Thursday.  We are glad that they are alive and are sorry they lost their newly purchased (used) RV.  Us RVers can only imagine what’s it like to go through something like that.  Again, glad you all are safe and wish the Mrs a speedy recovery from a broken ankle and ribs.

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