Saturday, January 30, 2010

Near The Big City


Saturday was another day in the quaint park of Thousand Trails Pio Pico near San Diego.  Here’s the entrance.



Here’s their Grand Hall that does it all.  Here we had breakfast for a grand total of $10.  Eggs, bacon, French toast, and coffee for two. DSC_0005


Our site was pretty nice even though it only had 30AMP.  No sewer and we didn’t hook up our water because we had plenty.  We had datastorm along with TV on the roof as usual.  We didn’t have any cell phone service until I hooked up the trucker antennae and the amplifier. Now we have good service but the phone has to stay in the rig due to the hook up.  Life is hard sometimes (smile).DSC_0015


This little cute thing landed on my mirror but our front screen was down.  I shot the picture thru the screen anyhow because of how cute the thing was.  Then it pooped on my mirror – nice guy and still cute.DSC_0003


About the same time this heron was across the street so I gave him a few frames too.DSC_0019



Things were flying everywhere…….DSC_0024

And then there is Carol’s breakfast (Sunday) I cooked for her and served her in bed.  Don’t all guys do this everyday for their poopsy? DSC_0026

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DSC_0028

Last night we thought we would go get some Little Caesar’s $5 pizza.  Will, we are near a big city for sure.  Had almost two head on accidents, a tailgater and someone behind me with their bright headlights on.  This was all within 3 miles on what use to be back roads.  Higher the population the higher the idiot factor multiplies.  Another friggin adventure for sure.

See Ya……….

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