Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Quartzsite 2010

We did a lot between our last entry and now.  We will just start with where we are now and that is in Quartzsite, AZ.  Quartzsite is probably the biggest boone docking event in the RV World for the months of November thru March.  January is the busiest because of the so called “Big Tent” Event in the middle of the month for two weeks.  We come here to see friends and meet new ones.  We also have the RV School’s Annual Get Together here towards the end of January.  It’s a blast and we will have pictures to follow.  Presently we are setting (boone docking) at the future Escapees social site on the south frontage road east of town.  Come this Wednesday and Thursday (13th/14th) their will be hundreds of Escapees here.  Pictures to follow. As past followers know I don’t do much writing I rather show pictures and make a few sly remarks.  With that in mind I will shut up for now. 


Here we are just telling stories about nothing earth shattering but interesting to some.

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