Friday, January 29, 2010

Friday Friday What An Active Day

This is the new casino on Algodones Road. They have some great eateries there and you can get some great deals (pun intended on the word deal). 


We had a late breakfast with friends, Frank & Sharon (left) and Steve & Laura.  Larua is behind Steve trying to hide.   Plenty of good food and friendships.  Steve and Frank are two of our instructors also.  And of course that is my beautiful bride of 38 years (brownie points) setting on the left at the end of the table.DSC_0053


We needed our rig wired to the supplemental brake system in our newly acquired car (Mom Hill’s).  Southwest (Yuma) was recommended by our Senior Instructor Jerry Ray (get well guy!).  They wired the coach in 45 minutes.  Then they told me they wouldn’t touch the Honda because it wasn’t installed properly.  They said that it was the worst installation they have ever seen, ever!  To call it a backyard installation would be giving credit to the hatchet job that was done.  Who did it?  RV Shack in Livingston, TX. They not only over charged my Mom they did a hatchet job.  The owner is 3 quarts low of a 4 quart pan.  I have dealt with this guy – he is passive/aggressive.  I would rather live in total darkness than take a light bulb from him.  Anyhow,  Southwest people are great and they really know what they are doing.  It was Friday afternoon and they needed another 4-5 hours to remove the brake system and reinstall – we were both out of time.  We made an appointment for mid February when we return to complete the job.DSC_0054 DSC_0057


We left Yuma and headed for Pio Pico, Thousand Trails Park near Jamul, CA.  Here is a lettuce field.  Carol is taking these pictures.DSC_0063


To Algodones, MX.  Liquor, drugs, dental, glasses – what else could a senior want. DSC_0076  DSC_0085


This is the exit for the area where we have stayed in the past and last night.DSC_0090

And this is the general area we were in.DSC_0100

On down I-8 west the sand dunes get real close to the road.DSC_0106

Yes there is someone on the dune.DSC_0115

Look real close or click on the picture you can see Dad pushing his son up the hill.  Isn’t bonding great.  I think that is Mom setting in the 4 wheeler.DSC_0121

And the sun starts to go down.DSC_0124

Sunsets are great out here in the west


And now the rest of the story.  We turned off I-8 and got on to route 94 west.  What a friggin adventure and a pretty drive.  At least that is what Carol told me.  I was busy driving the road from hell.  It was to be a 40 mile trip and get us into the park near Jamul about 6PM.  Well folks it’s a road for only the experienced drivers with a shorter rig and not towing.  Yes, there were signs saying nothing over 40 feet, etc.  Hey, I am 40 feet 9 inches and proud to be like any man.  We want credit for every inch.  It is a pretty drive.  Wish I could have seen it.  I was busy with the tight turns, braking, engine heating, mirrors and so forth.  It was tight and actually thought I might have rubbed the Honda in one spot (didn’t).  It took 1 1/2 hours for this 40 mile short cut.  It burnt me out and I actually did some sweating.  I wish I had a working pucker because the pucker factor would have been very high.  We got into the park at night, Carol parked the rig, we ate, we went to bed, and that’s the rest of the story.  Oh, no cell phone service in the area.  We will leave Monday and go into San Diego – yes, right into the middle of it.  I am sure there will be a story or two.

See ya………….

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