Saturday, January 16, 2010

Quartzsite Appears To Be Back

DSC_0326 Well, we marked our spot for our get together. My Garmin gave the wrong GPS according to me. It put us on the other side of 95 which is wrong. I used Streets & Trips and estimated it to be 33.58441 N and 114.23120 W. It’s the same spot we have been in the past several years. Just luck it was empty. Newmar’s rally is just up from us and Good Sam is north/east of us.

DSC_0327 Here’s another shot of the area with our Farton in the upper right corner. We have a big area. Rain is coming in Sunday night and staying thru Wednesday night with some showers on Thursday. Friday just a little more rain in the AM and sunny Saturday. Looks like we will be in the clear for our rally. Getting here before is welcomed and you will get wet. The ground is like my head – real hard in all areas.

DSC_0328 Quartzsite is back. Saturday was opening day for the big RV Tent and it was jammed tight. They parking lot around the tent was full. People were parking along 95 and they parked on both sides of the road all the way down to the long term area – wow. We didn’t even try to go there. We can wait for a rainy day to go see. Instead we went to the opposite side of town to the Pliot, McDonald’s, Burger King area. They have a flea market across the street but I don’t remember what it is called. Carol & I spent a couple of hours looking around and had lunch. Food is expensive around the flea market areas for sure. We went to Carl’s J and stood in a very, very, very, very, long line. It didn’t move for about five minutes so we left. It wasn’t hard because we were already at the door. Plus all tables/chairs were taken. Maybe they were giving their food away - NOT. There is a $1.50 Idaho hamburger slider over in the Food Court by the Two Crazy Ladies booth. It is real good…..we ate their a couple of days ago.

DSC_0329The traffic was terrible as it was about three years ago and previous years before. There are a lot of people here. I think the vendors that didn’t come are missing out because Quartzsite Tourism has definitely returned here on opening day. Last year the vendors here were really low in numbers and even worse this year. Too bad for the no shows.DSC_0330

DSC_0332 This is Sharon & Don and I can’t spell their last name. It’s kinda like Delselairo (sorry guys). Anyhow, there is only one Don & Sharon and this is them! They are helping friends of theirs, Ken & Mary Ann selling Magnet Shades (?). These outside shades are the way to go. Why no one has not done this before now is baffling. Permanent magnets inside the windshield. Magnets sewn into the real nice shade that goes on the outside. A little fiberglass rod and just put the shade up to the magnet and you are done. It takes, get this, less than a minute to put up a windshield shade and no ladders. That baby is up to stay no matter the wind. They are located on Kuehn Street on the right side as you go east about in the middle of the vendor row on the street. I will get their web/email tomorrow and share it with you all tomorrow. These shades will become the ones to have in the future, especially if you don’t like messing with ladders and your wife telling you to be careful every second. Maybe I can sneak a picture or two.

See ya all………………………

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