Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain Rain It Will Go Away

This is a look out our front window here in Quartzsite.  It rained and stormed a lot.



Here is the middle of our area and that blue tarp is covering some of our wood.  Yes, that is a small stream running through the middle.




Then it cleared up.  The two pair of legs are a false indicator of what the weather is really like.  I won’t mention Frank Hinman and Art Fennell’s names.  Those who know them know this to be normal behavior for them.  Also, we know who is who.




The picture below is the real indicator of what the weather is like – about 50 or so with a wind that makes it seem colder.  This is our first 4 o’clock.  Everybody appeared to kinda forget about the cold and was telling stories to new and old friends.  It was pretty nice.



It’s very early Saturday morning I’m getting ready to start the coffee and set out the danish for the early risers (before 9AM).

Today (Sat) is our cook out one way or another.  The mesquite smoked pulled pork will be ready for it’s barbeque touch up with a little slaw and Brenda’s beans this PM.  Whew, my mouth is  already watering.  I am sure those who are here and weathered the storm will say it was worth it  after this evening of eats and then the fun give aways.  The give aways were a hoot last year..

See Ya………….

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