Sunday, January 17, 2010

Just Another Beautiful Day


This is Dick Reed’s Bus.  He will be out here for a few days but has to return home by this Thursday.  I think he really wants to stay bad.  Doctors rule – sometimes.DSC_0336


This is Mark Nemeth’s home on wheels.  He sleeps in his little red wagon!DSC_0339


Oh so magnificent.DSC_0340


Our Honda wanted to do a little off roading.  DSC_0350


Then it got tired of it and tried to hide from us. It wanted to go home.DSC_0356


Now this is real fine dust.  Wait till it rains tomorrow – instant fun….DSC_0358


Denny & Susie Orr doing the Escapees Booth at the Big Tent in Quartzsite.  Denny just talks and tells his old jokes to new people.DSC_0366


This was the center isle in the tent and it was wide and pretty crowed.DSC_0373



The side isles were belly button to X$^*&^%$,DSC_0375


Now is he having fun or what.  Fun guy….DSC_0379


The other side row when it was slow.DSC_0381


Mountainmaster trucks & hitches are always here.DSC_0383


Outside - duuuuuhDSC_0384


Yep that is what it was – Tyson Wells.  The picture is correct.DSC_0388


No words can say anymore!DSC_0390


This is Marlene & Frank Hinman.  They didn’t pose for this picture – they always look like this.  Frank is on the right……..(smile)DSC_0392


This is the turn off La Paz road (MM 99.5 area). It’s pretty crowded at the entrance.  It thins out some as you go back.DSC_0404


Our kitty cat is waiting for some friends….DSC_0405

The weather people are saying rain starting tonight and off and on until Thursday.  Then the bucket is turned upside and we will be dumped on Thursday.  Friday morning clearing and sun the rest of the time we will be here.

See ya………………

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