Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Boo Boo

DSC_0004 I turned the RV to tight while turning around and the Motorcycle trailer tagged the left rear corner of the RV.   I had to back up in the middle of the road and all that boo boo stuff.  Nothing broke or cracked but deep paint damage on the corner of the RV did occur.  DSC_0005 DSC_0006 I already took a rubber mallet to some brackets to straighten out the curved corner.  I need some strong glue (& clamps) to replace what came undone.  DSC_0007 The trailer does looks like it made to sharp of turn.  It kinked the aluminum shell in a couple of spots.  Not repairable but a couple of hits from the inside wall of the trailer will help with the looks.  This will not be an insurance claim.

We’re in Heinskell, TN at the Escapees park, Raccoon Valley. DSC_0009 Still humid but not quite as bad as Livingston but pretty close.  We’re here to help Mark with the Escapees Boot Camp.  It starts this Friday and ends Sunday.

Most RV sites are kinda small and have full hook ups. DSC_0013

We’re in a pull thru with 50 AMP.  I think it’s $122 a week.DSC_0003 

Mark is over here.DSC_0010   

Mark said if I brought a pork butt he would smoke it.  Soooo…..DSC_0012DSC_0011

Here’s why you want to disinfect your water hook up when you arrive to your new site.DSC_0018

This guy put his sewer hose up to the water spigot to wash out his hose.  NOW the spigot needs to be cleaned with a 50/50 solution of bleach.

See ya………….

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Do What Before 6 AM ?!

I started washing the RV at 6 AM the other morning.  Finished washing it then dried the windows to prevent water spots on them.  Then I washed the Jeep.  I’m going for it.  I washed Carol’s car the Mariner.  All before 8 AM and I still ended up in a some sweat.  It’s done.  Starting any later and I wouldn’t have been able to finish because of the humidity. 

Then on another day it was time to pressure wash the mobile’s porch.  It really needed it real bad in a few spots.  I washed most of the porch.  In the top of the picture is where I washed.  The part was OK. DSC_0004 DSC_0003

When we get back later this year I will pressure wash the deck again and then put a sealer on it.  My pressure washer is a Troy Built, 3000 PSI, etc.  It’s powerful enough to actually cut the wood without to much thought.  Not suppose to wash cars with it and I haven’t yet.

Today it was time to move and get ready to leave.  I had to move the RV so I could hook up the Bike trailer and put the Jeep in the barn.

We moved from here….DSC_0001.JPG 

To here….. Carol & I moved the trailer…yes it was empty..but still heavy.  Then I rode the bike in and tied it down.DSC_0008 DSC_0007

Little more room inside the barn with the Jeep than then Mariner.DSC_0002

We got just a little more to do Saturday and then we’re out of here Sunday……yea…..

My GoPro4 Silver…….really like it.  I think I put it on the blog that I got one.  Still leaning the basics.  I’ve got an attachment on my bike front fender plus on top of my helmet.  Cool so far….  Way down the road I hope to be able to put in on the blog some how.

See ya…

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sling What?

Polaris Slingshot 3 wheeler….DSC_0001

It’s Jean & Claudette in their new toy.DSC_0002

They been on the road since  May.  They bought their toy in February and put 21 thousand miles on it so far.DSC_0004

Here we are plus Mark for some pork loin and corn on the cob all cooked on the grill.DSC_0006

They figure they will stay on the road until about mid September and will be at about 30 thousand miles or so.  At that time they will return to their home near Joshua Tree National Park in California.

They’re members of the Southern California Motorcycle Club.  As members and in less than 6 months will have visited the four corners of the USA, every state (48), been in Canada and Mexico and have rode in the top 15 best rides in America, and visited all the national parks and monuments in California.  Only like 3 or 4 people in the club have ever done this.  Plus none of them have done it in less than a year. 

They stayed in the mobile overnight and pulled out at 5 AM.  They really don’t care for this humidity either and that’s their normal time of departure.

See ya…………

Monday, July 6, 2015

This And That

Well, yes, another blog finally.  When we set still for awhile I just don’t like doing a blog about really nothing.  You know, I got up, ate, walked around, ate, went to the store, ate, watched TV, ate and went to sleep.  Yes, that is boring.

So here’s the boring blog for the last few days.  I got up, walked around, ate, went to the grocery stores, ate and watched some TV, etc….

Oh yea,  the 4th I talked Carol in riding the Harley trike to downtown Livingston.  They were having a little ohh rah in the park.  We got there and it wasn’t crowded at all.  A few other bikes were there representing a youth club and all that kinda of stuff.  We had some dogs and enjoyed watching the kids & grown ups doing what families do at these free things.  They had the big air things for the kids to climb into.

Then it was time to get back because the clouds were getting real dark.  We didn’t make it and the clouds opened up and let us know that we should not have gone riding today.  It poured.  We just had to laugh about it.  Got back to the rig and the trike  went into the barn and we changed our clothes.  Later I wiped down the trike.  You know that’s twice I've been in caught in the rain the last couple of weeks.  I’m starting to learn the ins and outs of driving a motorcycle in the rain.  Yea, like don’t do it!

I had set up my tent early in the morning and sprayed some waterproof stuff on it to help later this month.  Mark & I will be doing another week on the bikes doing the Blue Ridge Parkway.  I’ve practiced riding in the rain so I figure I might as well be prepared to sleep in it too.  It continued to pour when we got back from our ride.DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0007

That all happened the afternoon of the 4th of July.  That evening it stopped raining.  We watched the fireworks on TV.  You know we’ve seen our share of fireworks.  We’ve been on our boat setting in the Baltimore Harbor, in our own backyard, in our home on Bolling AFB in DC and watched them, Gillette, WY during a RV rally, Lake Havasu, AZ to name most of the big ones.  They were all great.

Friday I got out our old fold up bicycles.  All tires were flat, and the bikes were dusty, and dirty as hell.  Well, the tires held air and a quick dusting with a rag took care of most of the dirt.  Carol & I rode them around the block.  At least I attempted to.  The road started a slight incline as did my heart rate and breathing.  I had to get off and walk.  Boy, am I out of shape.  There’s only one thing to do.  Yepper, put the bikes away!DSC_0010

See ya……

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Kitty Wants To Help

My chair was getting to the point were it was almost unusable.  The swivel junction on the bottom was reamed out pretty good.  It’s repairable but I need a welder to fix it I think.  In the mean time I got the other one out of the shed.  We bought two over a year and half ago.  One went in the RV and the other went into the shed still in the box.  We were going to take out a couch of the Winnebago but then decided against it after we had bought the chairs.  Well, nothing like having a reserve handy.  But I had to put it together.  I had help whether I wanted it or not.DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0003 DSC_0004 

I guess she’s checking out the jump height….DSC_0007  DSC_0005

The other chair I took apart and put in the Barn.  It will wait to be repaired some day.

Later I cooked some ribs and corn…… just the way we like them….DSC_0009 DSC_0010

So another very muggy day ends.  I’ve been told that this isn’t really that muggy yet.  Damn…… we’re out of here in 17 days and heading North but whose counting?

See ya…….

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unbelievable Phone Call

You  know we all have bad days.  This was one of my bad days that are few and far apart.  This and that happened earlier this morning that aren’t really important.  I was in Lowe’s trying to find a nut & bolt which of course I couldn’t and my phone rang.  I answered it and couldn’t really make out who it was at first then I recognized the weak voice.  Oh My God ……. it was Don Del Rosario.  Then I must have caught a breeze from the paint department – my eyes started to water.   He spent thirty days in ICU after open heart surgery, X amount of days in a coma, organs were failing and you get the picture what was happening.  Then the doc’s brought him out of the comma and it was still rough.  Then everything turned around for the positive.   He just got moved yesterday to a rehab center to help him physically recover from the 30+ days of being in bed and the surgery itself.  It turned out to be an outstanding day…  Keep getting better guy.  Maybe you can get a Marine rehab nurse.

See ya……..really……