Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Unbelievable Phone Call

You  know we all have bad days.  This was one of my bad days that are few and far apart.  This and that happened earlier this morning that aren’t really important.  I was in Lowe’s trying to find a nut & bolt which of course I couldn’t and my phone rang.  I answered it and couldn’t really make out who it was at first then I recognized the weak voice.  Oh My God ……. it was Don Del Rosario.  Then I must have caught a breeze from the paint department – my eyes started to water.   He spent thirty days in ICU after open heart surgery, X amount of days in a coma, organs were failing and you get the picture what was happening.  Then the doc’s brought him out of the comma and it was still rough.  Then everything turned around for the positive.   He just got moved yesterday to a rehab center to help him physically recover from the 30+ days of being in bed and the surgery itself.  It turned out to be an outstanding day…  Keep getting better guy.  Maybe you can get a Marine rehab nurse.

See ya……..really……