Thursday, July 16, 2015

Do What Before 6 AM ?!

I started washing the RV at 6 AM the other morning.  Finished washing it then dried the windows to prevent water spots on them.  Then I washed the Jeep.  I’m going for it.  I washed Carol’s car the Mariner.  All before 8 AM and I still ended up in a some sweat.  It’s done.  Starting any later and I wouldn’t have been able to finish because of the humidity. 

Then on another day it was time to pressure wash the mobile’s porch.  It really needed it real bad in a few spots.  I washed most of the porch.  In the top of the picture is where I washed.  The part was OK. DSC_0004 DSC_0003

When we get back later this year I will pressure wash the deck again and then put a sealer on it.  My pressure washer is a Troy Built, 3000 PSI, etc.  It’s powerful enough to actually cut the wood without to much thought.  Not suppose to wash cars with it and I haven’t yet.

Today it was time to move and get ready to leave.  I had to move the RV so I could hook up the Bike trailer and put the Jeep in the barn.

We moved from here….DSC_0001.JPG 

To here….. Carol & I moved the trailer…yes it was empty..but still heavy.  Then I rode the bike in and tied it down.DSC_0008 DSC_0007

Little more room inside the barn with the Jeep than then Mariner.DSC_0002

We got just a little more to do Saturday and then we’re out of here Sunday……yea…..

My GoPro4 Silver…….really like it.  I think I put it on the blog that I got one.  Still leaning the basics.  I’ve got an attachment on my bike front fender plus on top of my helmet.  Cool so far….  Way down the road I hope to be able to put in on the blog some how.

See ya…