Sunday, December 31, 2017

Getting Here In Sierra Vista, AZ

We left Livingston the day after Christmas as usual.  Before we did, I washed the Winnebago and the Jeep.  Yes, we now have a new 2017 Jeep.DSC_0004

It got a little nippy….DSC_0019DSC_0017DSC_0016

We then left and drove about 400 miles to a stop for a night that we had been before.  The town was Eldorado, TX and the place was at their court house.  They have a nice big parking lot and the local police was there also.  Plus they had left their vendors electrical poles on.  I couldn’t find the 50 to 30 amp plug so we ran a 110 extension cord to our indoor little heater.  It worked fine.

The next morning it was damn cold.  Like in the high 20’s.  We lived so we left.  Then it started to drizzle.  Yes, that means icy roads and of course the windshield.  We pulled over about 20 miles down the road.DSC_0020DSC_0021DSC_0026

In the day it got up to 40 degrees while driving I believe.  The second night we stopped in Van Horn at a Passport America to get unfroze. 

The next day we drove to a military famcamp, Fort Apache at Sierra Vista, AZ.  Real nice and $132 a week.  We will tour the area in the Jeep, Bisbee, Tombstone, etc.. during the week and and show some picture then. 

Nothing New Year Eve….. no big deal anymore.

SYWWSY (see you when we see you)

Sunday, December 17, 2017

It Could Happen Soon

Getting it together, not that I ever had it together.  Looking at 1 January to pick it up again.  Plenty of stories with Verizon, Direct TV, Winnebago and a few others to include full time RVing going on our 18th year.