Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Every Day Is A New Day


We were on the road by 8 AM with about 275 miles to get to the California border and our next campground Pilot Knob.  In Eloy, AZ, exit 208, across the street of the Pilot, I got our wheels shined.  $5 a wheel and it took about 20 minutes.  I’ve been coming here for about 7 years or so.  Your wheels can not have that plastic coating on them.  They have to be shineable.

We then picked up the I-8 in Casa Grande towards San Diego.  Earlier we just had a strong side wind.  Now it changed to a head wind and rain off and on.  Yes, the shiny wheels and motorcycle are dirty again.  Here are some pics…… DSC_0033-001 DSC_0035-001  DSC_0007 DSC_0009 DSC_0010  DSC_0014   DSC_0022 DSC_0017DSC_0018DSC_0031 

In Yuma we tried to get into Fry’s for Diesel at $2.75 but it was all jammed up real bad.  We went to Flying J across the street and it was  10 cents more and drove straight to the fuel pump.  Next was propane.  That was a mad house too.  The guy said this all started last week and hasn’t let up.  He had no reason why all of a sudden a mad house.  It’s due in part to the normal pilgrimage of snowbirds but he said this was unusual.  Maybe it’s the cheaper fuel prices.  Propane was $2.29 a gallon.DSC_0045 DSC_0047 DSC_0048 DSC_0050 DSC_0058

50 amp full hook up for $11 with AOR membership.DSC_0059

I got mobile wash guys coming out Friday for a wash and hand wax of the RV and Jeep (just wash) for $100.  Hey, at $100 bucks I just got to do it and we do every year.  True we are going to dusty Quartzsite but that’s just dust and can be wiped off or a light quick wash.

Our HDMI 4X4 Matrix switching device for our TVs has just about had it.  Comes and goes.  Does anyone know anything about these switching devices?  Where’s Bob Pinner?……….

On our trip here we lost the license plate for the bike trailer.  I tighten things real good and usually too tight.  It’s really hard for me to believe that this tag just fell/blew off.  Anyhow, Mark K is bringing me another one from Texas next week.  I talked to DMV in Livingston and they said he could pick it up for me.  That’s cool.

Even though it’s New Year’s Eve we watch a few specials and hit the rack by 9:30 PM.  Everyday is a new day for us.

See ya…….

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nope…. It Ain’t Gonna Work

Dog day morning…DSC_0001

Free breakfast at the KOA Campground.  No we didn’t have to set thru a seminar.  But we did have to buy a RV from Lazydays then you become a member of the Crown Club.  That entitles you to free meals especially down at their Tampa location.  Long way to go for free meals.  Here we have to ask, just about beg, for a coupon meal.  I don’t like that part.  We already have two meal tickets so that’s all we really need.  Breakfast was very good especially the free part.  DSC_0002 

It’s a regular restaurant with a bar on the opposite side here inside the KOA campground.DSC_0003 You can tell it won’t be open in the long run.  Just not enough people and their prices are a little high like at KOA (Keep On Adding).

Then to Lazydays Service in person. DSC_0031 I talked to their service department. I wanted them just to look at a couple (2) items on our repair list (6) and get prior approval. It would take them 10 minutes at the most. No deal.  We’re not waiting over a week to see if an item(s) is under warranty. We assume they are..! We made another appointment (March) with our time schedule that fits our schedule better. We’re out of here tomorrow.

Next was to the Davis-Monthan AFB and check out the Family Campground…  DSC_0011 They have 50 sites available so if we want we can move over there for  $20 50 AMP FHU a night.

Then to the base commissary for a few things that we really didn’t need. Along the way we passed the Air Forces plane graveyard.DSC_0006 DSC_0010

On the way back to the KOA behind Lazydays we stopped at La Mesa RV across the street.  I figured what the hell and talked to them about our Winnebago which they carry.   We told them we bought it in Lazdays Tampa and weren’t happy with their workmanship here with Lazydays Tucson.  They said no problem what so ever.  Since my gut was saying NOPE IT AIN’T GONNA WORK at Lazydays we made an appointment with La Mesa for March.  We’ve had them work on our rigs in the past with good results.  Don & Sharon speak high them also.

So we are back to Plan A kinda.  We head for Yuma tomorrow.  We wonder if there are any parties or any kind of gathering going on for New Years.

Here’s my two honeys… can bite you in the butt and the other can make it sore.  Neither are real good.DSC_0012

They have lemon, orange and grapefruit trees here at the KOA and we took advantage of the lemon trees.  Carol made some real nice lemon juice.  She said I was too sweet and the lemon juice would fix me.DSC_0015

I spent 1/2 hour cleaning the Jeep.  1/2 hour on the RV wheels just cleaning the dirt off.  DSC_0013

Then 1 1/2 hours wiping down the Harley.  Chrome is either dirty or shiny.  It’s now all shiny.  Of course we just heard that our route we will take is expecting rain.  Oh well… with it…..again.DSC_0014

So we shall see what we will see down the road tomorrow.

See ya………….

Monday, December 29, 2014

Lost What?

We left Deming NM at 8 AM with 218 miles to get to Tucson, AZ.  The sun was out all day which was a nice change.  We stopped at the Flying J in Lordsburg, NM and paid $3.13 for diesel.  Mark & Dortha came in right after us and left before us.  We got DEF which meant we had to turn around and go thru the truck pumps backyards so match up with our DEF tank….no problem.

We crossed over into AZ and then we…. DSC_0007

Caught up with Mark & Dortha at the Apple Annies in Wilcox, AZ.DSC_0009

Good sweet stuff here…..DSC_0019

On down the road….DSC_0022 DSC_0025

Benson from a distance…..DSC_0030

We arrived around noon.DSC_0001

It took us 1 1/2 hours to check in because of Lazydays Tucson not knowing what to do with Lazydays Tampa free camping coupons.  Two different worlds.  The people at the KOA were very nice and quick… waiting there.  We’re staying on a Lazydays site within the KOA that Lazydays use to own.

The site is in the corner and it’s real big.  It has a cement slab, charis & table and a lemon tree with ripe lemons.  How did I get it.  It was empty, I saw it, and asked for problem.  50 amp FHU…free.  You just have to buy an RV at Lazydays.

Oh, I lost my trailer tag or somebody borrowed it.  I had that baby screwed on too.   Mark N back at Livingston said he would bring me another tag out.  I talked to the DMV there and said he or anyone could get another tag with my plate number and $8.  That’s a little scary…. oh well.

I then ran the Jeep and the bike/trailer down to he spray wash.  I had to get the crude off.  Now I got to wipe down at least the bike.  Now it has a film on it that the wash didn’t get off.  I might wash the rig tomorrow.  It’s $8 bucks to do wash it on site. 

We’re thinking about changing our schedule again.  We are in Plan B right now.  I’m gonna talk to Lazydays service tomorrow.  If they blink we’re out of here.  We can come back in March just before the Escapade.  We will go back to Plan A modified.  We shall see how it goes.

See ya………

Sunday, December 28, 2014


I was up at 4 AM, Carol was up at 5 AM and we were on the road by 6 AM.  It wasn’t planned, it just happened that way.  We had about 480 miles to get to the SKP park in Deming New Mexico.

It was a cold day.  It stayed in the 30’s most of our travels.  I don’t think the rig got warm to us until about noon.  We arrived about 11:30 AM.  The drive was a little of everything to include snow….DSC_0004 DSC_0005 DSC_0012 DSC_0016

Been a long time since we got around snow.  Then there was fog…… DSC_0015

It was in the mid 30’s…………..DSC_0032 DSC_0019

Then it did clear up.DSC_0013

Things started looking better……..DSC_0022

This truck had Alaska tags…..It was headed in the right direction to get there…..DSC_0025



The giant road runner is back in the rest area outside of Las Cruces.  It was gone for quite some time.  I guess he ran away for awhile.DSC_0040

We got a nice long site at the SKP park in Deming.  It was right next to Mark & Dortha Hall.  They treated us to dinner at this quaint little Chinese place on the main drag downtown.  The prices were good, the food was good and the portions were the biggest we’ve ever seen, unbelievable.  We got one serving of General Tso Chicken, one of Orange Chicken, and one Shrimp Fried Rice.  The fours of us couldn’t even come close to eating half of any one.  We barely crammed the leftovers into two take home boxes.  Thank you Mark & Dortha 

When we got back to the rig Mark & Dortha came over for awhile and we shot the poo about membership clubs and solar panels.  They’re getting solar installed in Glendale on their way to North Ranch. 

It’s 4:30 AM and it’s 36 degrees outside and 68 degrees inside.  We got two little electric heaters running to keep it warm.  The roof heat pumps won’t even work in these temps.  I will have to check our 14 cases (12 packs) and two case of water in the Jeep and make sure they didn’t freeze.  The movement going down the road should help keep them unfrozen a little bit.

We got about 180 miles to our next stop which is the KOA Tucson.  We’re getting two free nights then moving over to the AFB.

See ya……..

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Here We Go

I backed the Jeep into the barn and hooked up the bike/trailer.  Then I drove behind the RV and hooked up the Jeep.  Wayne Roberts came and we all said our good byes. 

Choo choo here comes the train.  Tire pressures are up and we are out of here by 8 AM. DSC_0001

Our local gas station had diesel at $2.98 a gallon.  I thought it might go below $3 bucks before we left.  Gas was $2.06.  Of course we filled our RV tank when we arrived back in early October.

We are not sure where we are spending tonight other than probably boone docking.  All the other nights are planned but not reserved.  Since we are in Plan B now we have no reservations other than an RV appointment with Lazydays Tucson 10 AM on 7 January.  They set the time not me.  To me that means they won’t look at our coach until after lunch.

It started to rain about 9 AM and continued most of the day.  Of course we had the normal high crosswinds all day long.  It cut our fuel mileage down to little more than 7 MPG for the day.DSC_0007 

Here’s what RVers don’t want to see. 
DSC_0008 DSC_0012We got off the next exit and flew by this accident…lucky.

Houston was cloudy and traffic was medium to heavy on an early Saturday morning.DSC_0004

Oh, what is that black blur on our windshield?DSC_0009

Oh no!  Attack of the stick bugs……DSC_0008-001

Here’s what can happen when you try to do the speed limit of 80 MPH in the rain.DSC_0018

Time for lunch and a break in the rain.DSC_0021

This bike is DIRTYYYYYYYYYY.  This is usually all shiny chrome and a deep black paint.  Hey, deal with it.DSC_0020


We got fuel in Sonora.  Diesel was $3.09 (Chevron)and it was a mad house for others.

Another 30 or so miles down the road we stopped at the the visitors center in Ozona, Tx.  It was 5 PM.  they close at 3 PM on Saturdays.  They have about 6 or 7 spaces for large RVs.  We had no problem with our 64 feet.  It was quiet except for the nearby I-10 but even that calmed down much later.   No elese showed up.  It got down to 38 degrees.  We never put out the slides.  I got up at 4 AM and turned on the generator/heaters for my honey.  It was 49 degrees inside the rig.  My honey don’t like that.DSC_0024 DSC_0023

We went 470 miles today and it was a wet one.  It got up to 73 degrees by noon but cooled down to 43 degrees by the time we stopped at 5 PM.  Double towing was no problem what so ever.  Since I washed everything the day before we now have clean new dirt on everything.  Sunday we have about 450 miles to get to Deming, NM.  We will probably meet up with Mark & Dortha Hall there.  I will probably detach the Jeep and take the bike/trailer to a self car wash.  I gotta get that crude off the bike.  I still can say the bike has never been ridden in the rain.

See ya…….