Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Nope…. It Ain’t Gonna Work

Dog day morning…DSC_0001

Free breakfast at the KOA Campground.  No we didn’t have to set thru a seminar.  But we did have to buy a RV from Lazydays then you become a member of the Crown Club.  That entitles you to free meals especially down at their Tampa location.  Long way to go for free meals.  Here we have to ask, just about beg, for a coupon meal.  I don’t like that part.  We already have two meal tickets so that’s all we really need.  Breakfast was very good especially the free part.  DSC_0002 

It’s a regular restaurant with a bar on the opposite side here inside the KOA campground.DSC_0003 You can tell it won’t be open in the long run.  Just not enough people and their prices are a little high like at KOA (Keep On Adding).

Then to Lazydays Service in person. DSC_0031 I talked to their service department. I wanted them just to look at a couple (2) items on our repair list (6) and get prior approval. It would take them 10 minutes at the most. No deal.  We’re not waiting over a week to see if an item(s) is under warranty. We assume they are..! We made another appointment (March) with our time schedule that fits our schedule better. We’re out of here tomorrow.

Next was to the Davis-Monthan AFB and check out the Family Campground…  DSC_0011 They have 50 sites available so if we want we can move over there for  $20 50 AMP FHU a night.

Then to the base commissary for a few things that we really didn’t need. Along the way we passed the Air Forces plane graveyard.DSC_0006 DSC_0010

On the way back to the KOA behind Lazydays we stopped at La Mesa RV across the street.  I figured what the hell and talked to them about our Winnebago which they carry.   We told them we bought it in Lazdays Tampa and weren’t happy with their workmanship here with Lazydays Tucson.  They said no problem what so ever.  Since my gut was saying NOPE IT AIN’T GONNA WORK at Lazydays we made an appointment with La Mesa for March.  We’ve had them work on our rigs in the past with good results.  Don & Sharon speak high them also.

So we are back to Plan A kinda.  We head for Yuma tomorrow.  We wonder if there are any parties or any kind of gathering going on for New Years.

Here’s my two honeys…..one can bite you in the butt and the other can make it sore.  Neither are real good.DSC_0012

They have lemon, orange and grapefruit trees here at the KOA and we took advantage of the lemon trees.  Carol made some real nice lemon juice.  She said I was too sweet and the lemon juice would fix me.DSC_0015

I spent 1/2 hour cleaning the Jeep.  1/2 hour on the RV wheels just cleaning the dirt off.  DSC_0013

Then 1 1/2 hours wiping down the Harley.  Chrome is either dirty or shiny.  It’s now all shiny.  Of course we just heard that our route we will take is expecting rain.  Oh well…..deal with it…..again.DSC_0014

So we shall see what we will see down the road tomorrow.

See ya………….