Thursday, December 18, 2014

Jackpot - Finally

I gave Carol her Christmas gifts early so she could show them off.  She had been looking for a special gold chain for years.  I saw the perfect one several weeks ago and got it.  Boy oh boy, I hit the jackpot.  I think I could go out and buy another Harley she likes it so much.  I got so many brownie points I can’t even start to count them.  Job well done if I say so myself.  I’m on top of her list again.  I can mess up quite a few times.  Then I also got her a leather coat that she liked.   I think that’s called icing on the cake isn’t it?  I need a calculator to add up all these brownie points.

I just checked where my leather coat is that was ordered at Palais Royal here in Livingston, TX.  It was coming form there store in Lufkin, TX which is about 50 miles up the road.  I checked the order with FedEx.  It arrived in Memphis, TN at 2 AM this morning.  Something so simple just got a little complicated.  Nothing I can do except set back and watch it float around the east coast.  FedEx says Friday delivery.  FedEx tracking system is so nice.  You can watch your package as if Santa Claus is bringing it and watch all of his stops.

It started to rain at 4 AM and it’s down pouring and it’s loud from hitting the roof.   Where’s my indoor “to do list”?  Where’s my bike rain suit?  Opppps, didn’t get one.  Where’s the umbrella…oh guys don’t use them.  Oh what the hell?  Where’s the cookies?  The rain stopped by daylight and it got up to 70 degrees today.  It was very cloudy all day.

OK kids, “What time is it?”  It’s Thursday and time for La Colonia Mexican Restaurant lunch time.  Nope they didn’t get washed away with the heavy rain.  It was my last visit their this year before we leave.

Speaking of leaving we had to take the jello schedule out of the frig and let it thaw out due to a change in plans.  Been talking to Lazydays in Tucson, AZ about taking care of the warranties problems we’ve had.  The best service date they could give us was the 7th of January. Hmmmmmmmm.  OK we go to Tucson and stay there at the AFB until someone cancels their appointment or the 7th whichever happens.  That means no Yuma or Mexico before Quartzsite.  We will go to Yuma after we go to Quartzsite.  We will still make the SKP social and then go out to Plomaso Rd.  When we leave there we will probably go to Yuma for a week.  Then go up to Congress after Yuma.  OK, the jello goes back in the frig again with Plan B.

My order from Palais Royal ended up moving out of Memphis, TN  early this morning  (AM Friday) and got to Houston, TX.  Very interesting how shipment orders get moved around.  It says delivery by Friday 4 PM.

I worked on the getting the barn ready for us leaving.  I moved all my cooking stuff/tables off the porch and into the barn.  That took 4 trips with the wagon.DSC_0003

Then I moved the old Harley up on the motorcycle jack stand and positioned it in its place for storage.  I will keep it on the stand and off the cement floor.  It’s up about 2 inches.  Carol’s car will go up to about 2-3 inches away from the Harley.  The battery is disconnected and I’m putting one last charge on the battery.  Opps I forgot to run the gas out of the system but will still do that where it sets.  It just might get a little loud.DSC_0001

It started raining last night about 2 AM and it rained harder than the night before.  I think the RV roof is cleaned off by now.  After Friday we aren’t suppose to get anymore rain until the day we leave…..of course.

See ya……….