Monday, December 15, 2014

Out of Gas Again ?

Oh, I forgot to mention yesterday that I just about ran out of gas.  It was spurting and all that stuff that’s suppose to happen when your out.  Yes the little lighted fuel pump lit up on the console.  Yes, the digital readout on the console was reading low fuel, yes my gas cap fuel gauge said I was out.  When the bike started to cough I knew I was pretty low.  I, I, I will have to start believing these other modern indicators are telling me something.  Sorta like when Carol tells me something and I don’t pay attention at first.  I’m in the learning stage to pay attention with gauges.  I stopped and got a gallon.  Then 10 miles down the road and filled up…4.1 gallons for a total of 5.1.  It’s a 5 gallon tank.  I didn’t fill up at the first stop because the price was way way too high.  Mark got between 45-50 MPG and I get about 42 MPG. 

The rain came.  It poured last night.  I just thought about that we could have been caught in that but didn’t.  Many years ago I rode in a small hail storm for a few miles.  Boy did that hurt my fingers.

We did a few errands in town today.  I tried to get an oil filter at the auto stores for the Onan 8K generator but everyone wanted a model number.  Soooooooo I went back and got the model number.  Plus I got the # for the Polaris RZR.  I need to change that oil when we get to Qsite.  I'll go back to the auto store on another day.

I thought I would try some ribs in the smoker for dinner.  After two hours they were still bloody.  I stuck them in the microwave for two minutes and they were done.  Chewy but done.  I will cook the next batch in the Weber.  They came out a lot better, easier, and quicker.  The little Bradley goes in the barn and not with us.

Dave & Brenda Neil arrived in the park today and are leaving tomorrow I was told.  They didn’t have time to stop by….busy…busy…..

See ya…….