Sunday, December 7, 2014

Cold & Tow

A little before 10 AM I was on the road on the motorcycle.  It was 52 degrees out and overcast with a slight wind.  I wanted to test out my cold weather bike gear.  This consisted of my new jacket, leggings and heavy gloves.  I just wore a t-shirt under the jacket and no long johns under my levis.  The jacket with just a t-shirt underneath was outstanding.  Oh, the jacket weighs 5.2 lbs.  That’s heavy.  The winter Harley gloves worked fine and the leggings did too.  They really help keep the wind off my legs.  I rode 40 miles north up route 59 and 40 miles back.  Some stretches were 75 MPH speed limits which was no problem.  Since I was alone, the road was smooth and traffic was real light so I figured what the hell.  The bike did real well and me too.  Fuel mileage went way down (30-32).  Normally the bike gets about 40 MPG.  When I got back it was to 59 degrees….weeeee.   The sun came out about 1 PM.  It got up to 64 degrees and the wind kicked up.

Oh, Mark called yesterday and said that today wasn’t a good day for riding – it might rain.

Next I wanted to do some more work on the tow bar hitch on the motorhome.  It still had the hook ups for the Tow Defender screen on it.  I took the Tow Defender off a couple of weeks back.  I broke out the 1/2’ sockets and got those brackets off in short order.  I didn’t even brake anything.  Mark would be proud of me.  I oiled it real good with some dry lube and now it’s ready to start working in 3 weeks when we leave.

I did have a problem with the fresh water tank on the RV.  It overfilled.  The water was not switched on for the tank.  I played with the switch.  Later in the day in overfilled again.  I played with the switch, turned off the water to the RV and we are running off the tank.  This happened once before and it fixed itself.  Hopefully it will fix itself again.  It’s not really a bigee more of a pain in the butt to change out the valve.  It’s not high on my list to fix.

The rest of the day I just fiddled around and watched football.