Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christmas Day

Yes, I was up at 1:30 AM this morning.  Why?  I just woke up after Carol did.  Once I wake up I get up for an hour or two.  Carol went back to sleep.  It was 34 degrees out and it was cold in the rig at 63 degrees.  I turned on our 2nd little heater and it warmed up pretty quick especially with the heater on me.  Today it’s suppose to get near 70 degrees.  That’s nice for our last day here.

Our tire that we had “fixed” Saturday is still leaking air.  More than a pound a day.  Not sure if I want to go back tomorrow (Friday) or not. 

I did get my haircut yesterday.  It’s very short.  Sorta like Denny Orr or one of those type guys..bald.  I also went to the bank because they had a little extra money to give away for our departure.

We had trouble with our one TVs again last night.  We narrowed it down to the switch box we think.  It’s really screwed in and framed in too.  I want the good old days and putting tin foil on the antennae.  I know what I will be doing later today and it won’t be opening Christmas packages.  The only thing I know for sure this early in the morning does not involve me and tools.  Before…. DSC_0002 and after……DSC_0001

Don’t think it’s a loose cable.  We narrowed down to the switch box.  Now what?  Where’s Bob Pinner when you need him. 

I did put our trip in our Rand McNally GPS system.  1,400 miles to Qsite with only a so called required stop in Tucson for warranty catch up items.  The first hint of Tucson Lazydays not knowing what they are doing we’re out of there.  We left last year when I knew for sure they didn’t.  This time it’s different items.  Enough said about that dead horse.

We went over Mark’s for Christmas dinner.  It was us, his sister Gail and Jim & Lisa Koca.  Mark smoked a turkey and it was damn good.  All of it was good.DSC_0006 DSC_0008

DSC_0003 DSC_0004  DSC_0011 DSC_0005

We exchanged gifts.  Mark brought out a gift he got at the office that everybody liked.  They looked and even smelled like scented candle.  They had a tiny bulb with a remote control that you could change the color.  They (4) were pretty neat.

We sat around and shot the poo.  It was fun and a nice Christmas for us all.  Thanks Mark…..

See ya……….