Thursday, December 4, 2014

Start Of Getting Ready

Carol & I are starting to talk about what we have to get done before we leave.  Yep we are at that point.  Christmas is 3 weeks away and then we leave.  We have no major projects to get done just some little things to get caught up on.  I got to clean the K&N filter on the rig and should change the oil on the Onan generator.   Then it’s just repacking/reorganizing the compartments which involves what we will take and leave behind.  The barn is pretty well set up for storing the old bike and Carol’s car.  The bike trailer is just about done just some fine tuning left.  I guess what will be a little bit of a job is getting the lights operable for double towing behind the RV.  I haven’t quite figured that out yet. 

Pork butt is on sale for $1.47 lb.  Last year on sale it was $.99 a lb.   I think I will smoke two or three and take with us.  I now have 4 ready to cook.  New York strip is on sale for $3.97 a lb too.  Nothing wrong with that.  Good hamburger meat will run almost that.

Damn, how about the gas prices?  Ain’t it great?  Let’s enjoy it.  About friggin time!

“You know what time it is kids.”  It’s Thursday which means La Colona Mexican restaurant for lunch.  Their were 6 of us at our usual table.  It’s fun every time.

I got back to the lot with some knowledge about the electrical systems when towing double, the RV, the Jeep and the bike trailer.  I installed an electrical line/plug on the Jeep rear left tail light.  I was told to cut into the prior installed tow electrical line system and before the diodes (electrical thing).  Denny Orr, Ed Kruty and I installed the electrical tow system when I got the Jeep.  So, I was a little familiar with the system.  I removed the tail light and added the four electrical lines and dropped a 4 wire plug out the rear of the Jeep as shown below.  I don’t use the factory Jeep plug when towing double.  It won’t work because of the diode things in the Jeep to stop feedback.   DSC_0002I then hooked up the trailer and drove around to the rear of the RV.  I plugged the Jeep to the RV then the trailer to the Jeep.  I used the newly installed 4 flat plug to plug into.  Everything worked….YEA and a BIG yea…..1st time in over a year.  I use to double tow the Polaris Rzr trailer and the lights didn’t work on that trailer either.  Now if the Jeep isn’t hooked up to the RV I use the stock factory installed plug on the Jeep.  YEA…YEA..

Oh yea.  I measured my total length.  I’m 64 feet and a few inches give or take.  Most states want the length 65 feet or under.DSC_0001

I lathered up two pork butts and put them in the smoker at 5:30 PM.

About 7 PM I went to Walmart to get the kitty some food because she didn’t have enough to make it thru the night.  Plus I picked up a hitch lock and two cans of $.96 flat black paint for the bike trailer.  Hey, spare no expense………

At 9:30 PM I reset the timer on the smoker, rotated the butts in the smoker and a spray of apple juice.

This was a full day for me.

See ya…..