Friday, December 26, 2014

Doing It Again

Back to the tire place by 7:30 AM.  I wanted to get there early so I wouldn’t have to waste a warm day by waiting for them to refix the tire leak.  Plus it’s our last day here and we got to get a few things done.  They couldn’t understand how the tire continues to leak after finding the leak last Saturday.  Anyhow, they found another leak.  It was a valve stem tube that had a tiny crack in it.  Just so happened I had another extension, shorter but it worked.

The RV I unhooked (sewer/warer) yesterday before we went over to Mark’s.  This morning I unhooked the electric before I left.  When I got back with the RV I pulled into a different site.  I need to get the bike/trailer out of the barn and put the Mariner in the barn for storage.  Then hook up the Jeep and bike/trailer all to the RV and be ready for tomorrow’s departure.  Not hard work.  Just stuff that had to be done.  But I didn’t do it.  It was a mist rain on & off all day and heavy over cast.

So I decided to go ahead and wash the Mariner before storage.DSC_0001 

Well I might as well wash the jeep.DSC_0002

Then I figured I would wash the roof of the RV because of the bird poo on it.DSC_0003

Well damn, I washed the entire rig and even got the wheels to look presentable.DSC_0004  DSC_0005

We also had to turn the water off to the lot and drain the lines to the RV sites and mobile.  Then get the mobile and all that ready for storage.

Come 4 o’clock we were pooped out.  We went to Taco Bell and Popeyes for dinner.  I guess you can figure out who had what where?

See ya…….