Wednesday, December 3, 2014

What Happened to Tuesday?

What happened to yesterday?  Oh well.  It is what it is…Today is Wednesday I think.  Computer says Wednesday so it must be!?

It’s starting to warm up here especially setting next to this heater.  The warm spell is coming so says the weatherman.  The weatherman said it, so it must be true.

What can I get into today…..

We have learned when we get moisture in the rig due to temperature changes we use DampRid.  It helps keeps the condensation down.  We get it at Lowe’s.  DSC_0001

Here’s a neat little trick we have learned.  We use tennis balls to keep the wiper blades off the glass.  When the blades set on the glass they can get warped from the heat/glass.  Some people use wiper covers and those are OK but the wiper is still basically on the glass.DSC_0002

My trailer tires came in.  I will use the old ones for spares.  I decided since the old tires were just that, it was extra safe to get new ones.  It just ain’t worth taking a chance running the old ones.  Just like tires on a RV, it just ain’t worth the chance.DSC_0003

I put up shelving in the barn.  Been wanting to do it for several years now.  I had all the parts before the barn was even built.  They came from an old shed that was torn down when the barn was built.  I figured it was time.  The old Harley will go underneath the shelving where the bike jack is setting.DSC_0004

Next was to duck tape the GPS mount to the handlebar.  Yes I did.  If the placement works I will work on getting a fancy mount.DSC_0006

This is my back pack for the bike for overnight trips later this year.  It matches the Harley well.DSC_0009

That evening we went out with Kim & Lisa Koca for dinner at Charlie’s.  It’s right next door to a truck stop.  The girls got steaks which were very nice.  Jim got broiled chicken that he said was OK.  I got chicken fried steak and it was very chewy.  I didn’t even eat a third of it.  I complained and the waitress said they have gotten some chewy ones lately.  Damn…..why serve it or make it good towards something else.  We will return but not real quick.DSCN0517

My little camera was acting up and this was the best shot.DSCN0515

So it was an active day and that is hard to do for me sometimes.  Warmer and wet weather is on it’s way.

See ya……