Monday, December 8, 2014

Dumb & Slow

I’m thinking about going into a local Verizon store and entering the Smart phone arena.  I want to lower our monthly rate and get one free Smart phone.  It don’t have to be too smart.  Free is the key.  But I have to get to the store.  If there’s a line…bye……

No line inside.  I got some help right away.  Ain’t gonnna get Smart today.  No affordable plans.  I don’t call $160 + funny fees ($15-20) affordable for us.  Plus they wanted me to buy a Smart phone.  I’m gonna be smart and not buy one.

H.E.B., a local grocery store, has NY Strip steaks for $4 bucks a lb.  I went in last week and the steaks looked sick.  I didn’t get any.  Today I wanted to check it out again and did.  I was allowed only two packages and got them.  We will try them real soon and see how tender they are.  If they are, I will go back and get another two packages.

I got back to the RV and figured I would call Verizon about switching our 3G to 4G MiFi.  4G MiFi is faster of course.  Steve Dudley gave me his old 4G MiFi.  He doesn’t need it because he got a Smart (phone) with a hot spot.   After going thru a maze of numbers and computer voices I got a real person.  After giving her ALL the numbers on the 4G device she said that we couldn’t switch devices.  We were on a 3G plan only.  I “could buy” a new device and would get a new 4G plan.  I didn’t ask how much because I just knew anything that is new costs more.  New is the magical word that means more money.  Not only are we not smart but we are slow.  I guess society is getting smarter and faster and paying more for it.  Who’s the smarter ones?

The motorcycle Escapees BOF has a few more prospective members now.  JC & Lynn M, Michael W, Michael F & Wife, Charlie & Ruth B and Mark N.   A total of 11 now that are showing an interest.  If you might be interested or know of anyone just send me your (their) name & SKP # and I will email back.  My email is

We went to dinner with Jim & Lisa, Mark & Dortha and another couple who’s names I’ve already forgot, sorry.  We went to the Mexican restaurant out route 190 West.  This place has good food and outstanding service among the best.  We stayed for awhile after eating and just had a good time BSing.  Carol did most of the BSing, not me.

Wow, years ago I don’t know how I ever had time to work.

See ya……..