Sunday, December 21, 2014

One Last Ride In Texas

Today was Flea Market Day via motorcycles for Mark & I in Cut & Shoot.DSCN0542DSCN0540 DSCN0541  

When we got back we had gone only 120 miles.  This was both our last ride in Texas this year.
I figured it was time to put the new motorcycle on the trailer for the first time.  I went for it and maybe a little fast and had to brake hard to stop the bike on the trailer.  No problem.  I put the kick stand down and got off.  I then tied it down.  DSCN0549I went out for a rode test with the Jeep towing it.  No problem.  Then it was time to back the trailer around and behind the RV and into the barn.  No problem.  Of course no one was watching.  I just went very very very very very slow and moved the steering wheel quick and a lot.  No going forward to adjust as it turned out.  Some skill and a lot of luck.DSCN0550

I took off the windshield and the saddlebags for traveling on the trailer.  they all went on the RV slideout.

That’s about it for now.

See ya…………