Saturday, December 27, 2014

Here We Go

I backed the Jeep into the barn and hooked up the bike/trailer.  Then I drove behind the RV and hooked up the Jeep.  Wayne Roberts came and we all said our good byes. 

Choo choo here comes the train.  Tire pressures are up and we are out of here by 8 AM. DSC_0001

Our local gas station had diesel at $2.98 a gallon.  I thought it might go below $3 bucks before we left.  Gas was $2.06.  Of course we filled our RV tank when we arrived back in early October.

We are not sure where we are spending tonight other than probably boone docking.  All the other nights are planned but not reserved.  Since we are in Plan B now we have no reservations other than an RV appointment with Lazydays Tucson 10 AM on 7 January.  They set the time not me.  To me that means they won’t look at our coach until after lunch.

It started to rain about 9 AM and continued most of the day.  Of course we had the normal high crosswinds all day long.  It cut our fuel mileage down to little more than 7 MPG for the day.DSC_0007 

Here’s what RVers don’t want to see. 
DSC_0008 DSC_0012We got off the next exit and flew by this accident…lucky.

Houston was cloudy and traffic was medium to heavy on an early Saturday morning.DSC_0004

Oh, what is that black blur on our windshield?DSC_0009

Oh no!  Attack of the stick bugs……DSC_0008-001

Here’s what can happen when you try to do the speed limit of 80 MPH in the rain.DSC_0018

Time for lunch and a break in the rain.DSC_0021

This bike is DIRTYYYYYYYYYY.  This is usually all shiny chrome and a deep black paint.  Hey, deal with it.DSC_0020


We got fuel in Sonora.  Diesel was $3.09 (Chevron)and it was a mad house for others.

Another 30 or so miles down the road we stopped at the the visitors center in Ozona, Tx.  It was 5 PM.  they close at 3 PM on Saturdays.  They have about 6 or 7 spaces for large RVs.  We had no problem with our 64 feet.  It was quiet except for the nearby I-10 but even that calmed down much later.   No elese showed up.  It got down to 38 degrees.  We never put out the slides.  I got up at 4 AM and turned on the generator/heaters for my honey.  It was 49 degrees inside the rig.  My honey don’t like that.DSC_0024 DSC_0023

We went 470 miles today and it was a wet one.  It got up to 73 degrees by noon but cooled down to 43 degrees by the time we stopped at 5 PM.  Double towing was no problem what so ever.  Since I washed everything the day before we now have clean new dirt on everything.  Sunday we have about 450 miles to get to Deming, NM.  We will probably meet up with Mark & Dortha Hall there.  I will probably detach the Jeep and take the bike/trailer to a self car wash.  I gotta get that crude off the bike.  I still can say the bike has never been ridden in the rain.

See ya…….