Saturday, December 6, 2014

Escapees BOF Motorcyclists

The Escapees RV Club has groups of people with common interests called Birds Of the same Feather (BOF).   There are about 38 of these BOFs each with a different interest.  I would like to start one for Motorcyclists.   We would welcome all Escapee motorcyclists with any size of motorcycles. We would enjoy the scenic roads and activities while riding both the short and long trips.   We would stay in touch via email.  If you would like to help start up this group send me your name and SKP #.

Today was Flea Market time.  We haven’t done any in awhile so why not today.  One was in Cut & Shoot, Texas.  Yes, Cut & Shoot is the small city name.  They have a pretty big flea market there both inside and outside.  Since this is the tail end of the season it was about 1/2 filled, but sill pretty big.  Probably about an hour to walk around.  The have a nice little leather shop that we made the mistake of stopping at.  I got a real nice rugged heavy bike jacket very very reasonable ($140) and a pair of leggings ($57).

Next we went down south to Traders Village which is west Houston.  This place is big.  It was about 3/4 full.  If you like Mexican stuff this place had it.  Both places had family “stuff” like a real flea market should have.  Not all that new stuff from Pakistan.  It took a couple of hours to walk around it.

When we got back to the car I literally had to pick my legs up to get into the car.  I was pooped.  Too much for sure.  Carol was even sore.

We got back about 4 PM.  We drove about 200 miles today.  Some of it was in downtown Houston.  Yes, traffic was heavy but we weren’t in a hurry other than to get out of it.

Pizza and early to bed…..

See ya………………….