Saturday, December 13, 2014

Who’s Full Of What?

The Pressure Pro monitor is doing its job.  So far, two days, it looks like I’ve lost a about two pounds in that one tire that was dangerously low.  Nothing to get excited about yet.  I have so many vehicles (26 tires!) to take care.  I think I will take my Sears portable air machine this time.   OK, two motorcycles (4), RZR ATV (4), two trailers (4), RV (6), a Jeep (4) & a Mariner (4).  One motorcycle and the Mariner stay here.  This Sears machine will pump my RV tires to 110 lbs (max for my RV tires) with no problem and pretty quick.DSC_0005  

Why to their max air?  One it’s winter and tire pressures are lower in colder weather and we are heading/traveling in colder weather.  Two…we are up in the RV weight.  It’s just simple to run it up and keep it there.  I pumped these tires up when it was 55 degrees outside.  I’m in the safe ball park.  Truck tires (RV) can go 10% above their max but start to lose there carrying capacity.  My wheels max air is 120 PSI.  All tires gain air pressure going down the road.  The tire manufactures figure that in and not to worry about it unless it’s only one tire gaining air pressure, so forth and so on.  Tires are usually over looked by RVers and it becomes a weak link to safety.  I check them a lot because it’s so easy and it is a BIG deal.  So much for that.

I pulled out generator slide on the RV this morning and found some minor damage.  The compartment door is misaligned with the body.  Thus it rubbed the paint off the new front cap Winnebago installed.  DSC_0001 DSC_0003 It’s all out of sight until I slide the compartment door/generator out.  I could align it and paint it myself since it’s really out of normal sight.  I think I will send these pictures to Winnebago and ask them if they stand behind their work.

Then as I was checking out the rest of the rig I notice I have one jack that looks wet.  Not a good sign.DSC_0004 I degreased it and will see where it is leaking from in time.  I think it’s at the connection at the jack and not the jack itself.

In the afternoon we went into town for their Hometown Christmas Party.  It had a little bit of everything mainly for the kids.DSC_0006  DSC_0009 DSC_0011


Texans are proud of their state.  The beard was very real.DSC_0008

And then we went over Jim & Kim’ Waddles place for a fish fry dinner.  Whoa…I ate a lot of fried halibut.  They had several kinds of salmon too.  Let’s see…Randy and Kris, Mark N, Lisa & Jim, and the Bells were their.  I think that was everybody.  We watched Kim’s snapshots of Alaska on their big 60” TV and ate and drank Kim and Mark’s home brewed beer.  All was good.  It was strange for me not cooking.  It was very OK to watch Mark & Jim do the fish fry.  It was good food and very appreciated.  Thanks guys.

We “waddled” home.  I over ate and went straight to bed.  Another good day.  Where’s those oversized pants?

See ya……….