Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Getting There

I’ve gotten everything out of the barn that I wanted to and loaded into the RV compartment.  I still have several empty containers in the compartment.  I even gave another one up for Carol.  I got everything in the barn for storage that needed to go in.  Carol is cooking cookies in the mobile so that will have to wait probably until Friday.  I also put some Stabil fuel stabilizer in the old Harley and ran the gas out of the carburetor. 

It’s suppose to be near 70 degrees on Friday so I want to wash the Mariner and then put into the barn for storage.  The bike/trailer will come out and I will hook it to the Jeep and it up to the RV for Saturday’s departure.  Friday I want to wash the RV too.  The keyword is “want to”.

We’re getting there.

We now have 15 people listed that want to start up an Escapees BOF.  Now I have to figure out how to put something in the Escapee Discussion Forum.  Something else for my “To Do List.”  I need baby step instructions.  I got the turn on the computer step pretty good.

See ya……..