Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Checking My List – No Not That One

No not my Christmas list.  I got a list of 15 things “to do” before we leave here in 9 days.  These are only things that I might forget.  Other things I won’t forget because Carol will remind me.  That would be like removing my cooking “stuff” off the porch and into the barn.  Or storing the Mariner in the barn, cutting off and winterizing the lot water lines, etc.

The problem with the RV fresh water inlet valve that was leaking into my fresh water tank - fixed itself.  I just turned it off and on about a dozen times and it stopped leaking or reduced it so slow it don’t matter.  I like those fixes.

The next thing did not fix itself.  I’ve lost about 10 lbs of air over the last few days in the RV’s right dual inside tire.  I will pump it up the day before we leave and get it fixed on the road.  Why on the road? Because their are truck stops all over the place and are better equipped and faster than places around here.  Before then I will take off the sensor and an extension and manually check for air loss.  This just in case one of those two things are leaking.   I will put it on my list of things “to do.”

I went back to NAPA and gave them the exact number of the oil filter I needed for the Onan generator in the RV……duh…no problem other than I need to change the oil myself now.  Another thing on the list “to do.”

I went and picked up my LED bulb for the taillight of the Harley.  Another thing for my “to do” list.  Wait a minute.  This list is getting longer as the day goes by.

I installed the swivel trailer jack.  It wasn’t even on my list.  Opppps, I did that yesterday.  Yes the days are starting to run together.DSC_0001

I need to prioritize my list.  I think I will put that on my list “to do.”

My list got longer today and that’s not good.  Think I will just set back and watch the kitty play.DSC_0002 DSC_0003

See ya……..