Monday, December 29, 2014

Lost What?

We left Deming NM at 8 AM with 218 miles to get to Tucson, AZ.  The sun was out all day which was a nice change.  We stopped at the Flying J in Lordsburg, NM and paid $3.13 for diesel.  Mark & Dortha came in right after us and left before us.  We got DEF which meant we had to turn around and go thru the truck pumps backyards so match up with our DEF tank….no problem.

We crossed over into AZ and then we…. DSC_0007

Caught up with Mark & Dortha at the Apple Annies in Wilcox, AZ.DSC_0009

Good sweet stuff here…..DSC_0019

On down the road….DSC_0022 DSC_0025

Benson from a distance…..DSC_0030

We arrived around noon.DSC_0001

It took us 1 1/2 hours to check in because of Lazydays Tucson not knowing what to do with Lazydays Tampa free camping coupons.  Two different worlds.  The people at the KOA were very nice and quick… waiting there.  We’re staying on a Lazydays site within the KOA that Lazydays use to own.

The site is in the corner and it’s real big.  It has a cement slab, charis & table and a lemon tree with ripe lemons.  How did I get it.  It was empty, I saw it, and asked for problem.  50 amp FHU…free.  You just have to buy an RV at Lazydays.

Oh, I lost my trailer tag or somebody borrowed it.  I had that baby screwed on too.   Mark N back at Livingston said he would bring me another tag out.  I talked to the DMV there and said he or anyone could get another tag with my plate number and $8.  That’s a little scary…. oh well.

I then ran the Jeep and the bike/trailer down to he spray wash.  I had to get the crude off.  Now I got to wipe down at least the bike.  Now it has a film on it that the wash didn’t get off.  I might wash the rig tomorrow.  It’s $8 bucks to do wash it on site. 

We’re thinking about changing our schedule again.  We are in Plan B right now.  I’m gonna talk to Lazydays service tomorrow.  If they blink we’re out of here.  We can come back in March just before the Escapade.  We will go back to Plan A modified.  We shall see how it goes.

See ya………