Saturday, December 20, 2014

Blow It Out Your………Tire

The RV definitely has a tire leaking.  It lost nearly 15 lbs in less than a week.  That’s not good.  Thinking about going to the local tire shop early next week.  What a pain!

Nope..went to the tire shop this morning.  It was a very slow leak from the valve stem.  They couldn’t find it until the inside tire was off the RV.  They checked the entire tire with soapy water.  No other leaks.  They tighten it and off I went.  $30 bucks well spent especially considering they put in one hour of labor.  I’m a lot more comfortable now.  Sensors are doing their job.  Here’s a pic of a sensor on the trailer.DSC_0004 

Next was to figure on how to do the fresh water RV system.  I got one filter on the rig.  I got a two filter and three external filter system in the barn just setting there.  DSC_0007 Two & three filter system just means they are hooked together.  AZ doesn’t have the best of water where we are going.   I got a real good filter insert.  It’s like a .o5 micron filter though.  That means very little water goes thru it because it filters just about everything out of the water.  I will run the filtered water to the fresh water tank instead of using water directly.  It normally takes 15 minutes to fill our fresh water tank.  With this ultra filter it will probably take up to two hours.  This fancy wancy filter is washable/reusable and it was about $75.   I haven’t used it yet. So I will go with an external three filter system. DSC_0003 It will contain one two sediment filters and the fancy filter.  The fixed RV filter I will use what ever mid range filter insert I got laying around.  Plus we got a filter on our kitchen sink water and another in the frig.  All these filters weren’t really planned it just worked out that way over time.  I bought the 3 filter system at an auction here a couple of years ago.  Never used, brand new for $5.  I just can't pass up an opportunity like that.  As “old” RVers “stuff” just accumulates over time especially if you have some place to store it.  We got the barn on our lot.  The lot really belongs to my Mom.  She has a mobile on it as a lot of you already know.  We use it but our home is in our RV and live in it.

When I got back from the tire shop I parked the RV in another site (50 AMP FHU).  As big as the driveway is people had a problem backing out with their cars.  They backed into the ditch on the left.  I won’t mention Greg White or Mark Hall’s names.  They just recently joined the club.DSC_0006 DSC_0002

Here’s the site (FHU 50 AMP) where we had parked…DSC_0001

which is behind the mobile.  We can now drive our cars around our wrap around driveway.  It’s wide enough to drive the RV in this way too to include the 43’ we had.DSC_0008

Here comes another warming spell….A few 70’s this week.

See ya……….