Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Butt Washing Christmas

Did I forget the commas?  

This morning it was 40 degrees but it warmed up to 70 degrees and sunning.  Carol started off her day the usual way – line dancing.  Here she is when she returned….not sure but I think she is getting into the Christmas spirit.  Hey if she wants to dress like that all time I don’t care.  She can dress up like a stewardess or a playboy bunny too.DSC_0002 DSC_0003

I got into washing cars today.  A large bird pooped on the Jeep while I washing it.  I’m just lucky that cows don’t fly right?DSC_0004I just can’t wash everything at once anymore.  That would be two cars, two motorcycles and a motorhome.  No, not complaining at all just stating a fact.

Today was start smoking a pork butt.  Here is just setting and waiting….DSC_0010

People want to know my rub ingredients…nothing fancy as you can see.  Oh you can’t see all the labels….oh…..my bust…..DSC_0017

Then it goes into the smoker for about 16-22 hours or really an internal temp of 195 degrees.  This time I’m using Maple smoke and a little extra spicy in the rub.  Jim just loves spicy bark.DSC_0011

Next I was fine tuning the bike trailer.  I put some auto door edge molding down the top of the metal rails so it couldn't rub/cut the tires of the bike.  I also bolted down the spare tire.  The piece of wood is bolted down and that’s for the kick stand when I drive it up and before I strap the bike upright. DSC_0009

The 2 X 12 pine wood board I will use for driving up on to the trailer I also bolted down for traveling.  I won’t need it to back off the trailer.  I will use the tilt and back off…hopefully.DSC_0007

The trailer axle is rated for 2,000 lbs.  But the new 12 inch tires are only rated for a total of 1,500 lbs.  It came with 12 inch tires but higher capacity.  Still plenty of room since the bike weighs only 750 lbs.  Maybe I shouldn’t use the word only.  750 lbs is heavy.

I still haven’t decided if I’m taking the little Bradley smoker.  If it screws up on the road it’s going into the trash.  I should cook a few more things in it.  I haven’t really decided if I like it or not.  I thought it would cook as good as the big Bradley but it don’t so far.  DSC_0012

We are getting ready to put up the Christmas lights.  In the past we have gone all out but I don’t think so this year.  I say that now…..DSC_0013

And it starts……DSC_0014

At 10 PM I had to go and restart the timer on the smoker.  The max time on it is 9 hours and 40 minutes.  That’s not really cool.  It should be at least 12 hours.  I also added water to the inside bowl and one last spray of apple juice on the butt.  Do you spray your butt?

See ya……….