Monday, December 22, 2014

What Are The Odds?

How do you accumulate eleven 14 packs of soda and two cases of water better yet where do you put them…..?….in the Jeep of course! DSC_0002

Once we get to where we are going, where ever that might be, I will put the saddlebags back on the Harley.  Then I will have space on the big slideout.  OR just leave the liquid stuff in the Jeep.  The slushy noise isn’t that bad.  It sounds like Carol’s stomach after she eats spicy Mexican food or my chili….well maybe not her stomach then.  There goes a few brownie points but I got a lot of them due to her special gifts I got her.

The hippy dippy weather internet is calling for 60% chance of rain on Saturday when we leave.  The per centage will change by then.  That means I have to wash the RV before we leave to guarantee it will.  What are the odds then?  I really got to clean the wheels real good.  I got the real deal stuff that Mark Hall told me about but haven’t found the energy to do it.  Probably about a 1/2 hour on each wheel at least.  They’re rough.  Rougher than Denny Orr’s wheels even.  I know a place in Eloy, AZ that will do it for $5 a wheel.  One of those little Ma Pa places along the road near Love’s truck stop.  Been there for years.  Probably will be closed down when I get there.

Carol I went to Conroe to get the Harley windshield cut down.  There’s a glass place there that specializes cutting down motorcycle windshields.  I had it cut down across the top just one inch.  The top of the windshield was right in my view.  It had to be taller or shorter.  Making it shorter was only $45.  We will carry that inside the RV.

Getting the Harley ready to tow yesterday was a big thing off my list of “to do” before we leave.  Now just a few hundred more things to go.  Mark came over to inspect the tie down I did on the bike/trailer.  He said it looked good.  Low and be bold Bud Carr showed up to take a look at my Harleys.  He had a suggestion for some special hooks on the bike for the tow ropes.  Bud has an old Harley but doesn’t ride it to often.  I think he’s getting to old for it.

Today it looks like we will be in Tucson for 9 nights.  The predicted weather says no rain and 60’s and 30’s.  That’s pretty good.  We prefer the 70’s plus and the 40’s plus but hey, when you are there and need to be there what the hell…that’s pretty good.

I got about two more hours of loading and repositioning “stuff” in the lower compartments.  Yes, I have about 4 empty containers at this point. DSC_0001

A lot of the stuff on the floor will go to the RV.  At one time we actually carried that yellow wagon.DSC_0003

I noticed on the Jeep above the windshield I had rub marks from my windshield cover that I like and is doing a great job.  I will show you that later in the week.  Otherwise I took some paint cleaner and the rub marks came off easy.  DSC_0004

I turned on the Christmas lights but they can’t really be seen.  Here’s about half of them….DSC_0007

I will take them down the day after Christmas.  Crap..another thing for my list to do.

See ya….