Thursday, December 11, 2014

Aerospace 303 & Tire Monitoring

Last night it stayed in the 50’s and the days are in the high 60’s low 70’s.  It’s nice again.

The Christmas lights are up and a lot of them.  We got them all on rolls.  I just run around the yard like a chicken with its head cut off rolling out these lights.   The hard part is figuring out which light socket to plug them all into.

OK kids, “What time is it?”  It’s Thursday and time for lunch at the little old La Colonia Mexican restaurant.  The usual small crowd met again.  It’s fun.  They're is only two RVers there, Mark & I usually  Otherwise the other usual 4-6 people are “normal” and don’t RV at all.  RVing is very seldom a subject.  They’re into fixing cars, hunting, computers, young kids, local happenings, etc.  It’s fun…Today it was about motorcycling.  They have them there go fast bikes.

Aerospace 303 Protectant….I use it on a lot of stuff.  The black on the Jeep like the bumpers, fenders, door handles, dash and the like.  Anything flat black and plastic/leather.  It makes it look like new.  DSC_0002 A lot better than Armour that leaves a greasy film and goes away after a short while.  Aerospace 303 last long and looks good.  Yes, it is more expensive than almost everything out there.  I sometimes use it on tires.  A lot of people use on their tires.  I use the cheapest spray shiny stuff that comes in an orange and black can at Walmart.  It’s the cheapest tire/cleaner/shiner there is.  Then I try not to drive the car for at least a day or so.  The stuff comes off and gets on the body if you drive it too soon.

Oh, here’s a pic of the pork from the other day.  I think a mouse got in and took a taste or two.  Gooooooood.DSC_0001

I’ve unloaded the compartments down below in the RV the last few weeks.  Now I’m having trouble loading them back up.  I just can’t get into it yet.  I guess I will do it the old fashion way – piece by piece over a couple of weeks.

I got one more pork butt to smoke then I’m done with the smoker.  I will start that tomorrow probably.  Then the smoker goes into the barn for the winter.

Pressure Pro Monitoring System,, for the RV/Jeep tires.  It’s been over two months since I checked our tire pressure setting here.  Well, it was due.  I had one tire that lost over 60 lbs.  I pumped that baby up and will closely monitor it over the next few days.  It’s hard for repair places to find a tiny tiny hole.  I can & will check for a leaky valve or sensor.  If I don’t loose more than a pound a day I will just monitor it.  I got a sensor that’s acting up.  I will wait overnight and see how it does.  I will probably change it out tomorrow.  I took my rear right dual sensors off that were working fine and put them on the motorcycle trailer.  They really need monitoring way back there.  Can’t see them or hear if one blows.  Now I can but of course I hope the new tires don’t do that.  This Pressure Pro System I’ve had for about 8 years I think.  My Mother had it first for a couple of years then I inherited it when she left the road.  So, it’s about 10 years old.   Larry Forbes gave me his Pressure Pro when he got tired of farting with it.  He had trouble with his.  I use his for spare parts.  Thanks again Larry.  I think people should put some type of tire monitoring system on their RV.  It would be high on my list if I was to start this adventure all over again.

See ya…………