Friday, December 19, 2014

Cut It Out - I Mean Off.

At 7:15 I was at the local barbershop.  Yes, it opens at 7 AM.  It had 5 people waiting.  I left and went to Jack in the Box for breakfast.  Afterwards I went back to the barbershop.  Now there were 5 or 6 people waiting.  No not for me.  I will go back later.

I got gas (not fr Jack In the Box) and it was $2.19 for gas and diesel broke the $3 barrier at $2.99.  Finally.

I checked on my FedEx package.  As of this morning it was in Conroe, TX.  OK, that’s better than being in Memphis, TN like it was.

It rained last night and still raining now.  This is a big rain storm with flooding.  Look out East Coast here it comes.

I went and got my Texas driver license renewed.  I needed to get a special physical to keep my commercial license.  I figured why bother.  I now have a non commercial Class A.  That means I can drive any large vehicle as long as it is not a commercial vehicle for hire.  Plus I kept the motorcycle endorsement also of course. 

I tracked my FedEx package and it was delivered here to the Escapees Mail service at noon.  I went done there at 1 Pm and they said they hadn’t finished with the packages yet.  Carol went back at two.  they had the package but was just getting ready to send it back.  It had the wrong address.  They gave it to Carol.  I looked at the package at it had the wrong address alright.  I will take the package to the local Palais Royal manager and show them that they did not correct their original error like they told me they did.   I hate incompetence much less a liar too!  the leather jacket looks and fits well.  Oh rah…..

Jim and Lisa Koca invited us out to dinner with them and on them.  Sure no problem with that invite and they really insisted on it.  We went to Florida's.  We all really enjoyed the dinner.  Lisa said the ribs were a little dry.  That’s why I stopped getting them.  I love their catfish but I got their chicken fried steak that was suppose to be real good.  Boy oh boy was it!  When we got back home we invited Jim and Lisa in which they obliged.  Ahhhhhh ain’t they pretty…. DSCN0535 We talked and BSed quite some time.  Lisa was starting to have a reaction to our cat so they had to leave.  She’s allergic to cats and stayed as long as she could.  We will see them again at the Escapade but they will be busy as hell.  Thanks guys…..

It basically rained all day and until we went to bed but it seemed to being getting lighter.

Another good day.

See ya………..