Friday, December 12, 2014

Old Or New

OK, the one tire that I was monitoring didn’t lose any air overnight.  I will leave the system on for now on.  I replaced one sensor on another tire.  The tire monitoring system is ready to go again, just a little tune up.

I worked up a back road trip for Mark & I to try out this Sunday.  It’s down to Galveston via back roads and about 140 miles one way.  I haven’t decided to take the new Harley (2012) or the antique Harley (1985).  The main difference is that the classic Antique don’t have a windshield.  I will probably decide at the last minute.

Texan Harley dealer called and said my sticker for the license plate was in.  Off I go.  I stopped at a motorcycle repair shop in Cut & Shoot.  Harley dealers want $159 for a LED tail light fixture.  No thanks.  I went to this Cut & Shoot M/C repair shop and order a Wagner LED bulb that would fit in the same bulb socket.  What ever happened to take off the cover and there was the simple 1157 bulb?DSC_0001 It was $30 bucks and it might not be quite as bright but a hellva lot cheaper.

I picked up by tag sticker and of course had to stop at Popeye's for lunch on the way back.

My Ole Harley has a glass Blue Dot.  DSC_0002 Some of the older people might know what that is.  At night from a distance the whole light turns a floursent blue.  Outlawed in most states.  In daytime it kinda blocks the regular light (appears very dim) because it is centered right behind the bulb.  It needed two – one on each side and it would have been fine in the daytime.

I put on the front cover on the Jeep.  One less thing to do before we leave.DSC_0003

Now it was time to fire up the smoker for my last butt, last of the Pappy’s rub and then last of my Bradley smoker pucks.  DSC_0004 DSC_0006 I’m out of all that important stuff.  I did go on line and ordered some more Bradley pucks.  They run about 50 cents each.  The Bradley uses 4 pucks per hour and I smoke for about 6 hours. 

Carol decided that I should go thru my clothes (or she would!) and leave behind my too tight stuff.  You know, the clothes that shrunk just setting there.  Plus things I haven’t worn for a year.  That got rid of just about half of my stuff.

9 PM I reset the timer on the smoker.  I got to reset it again by 6:40 AM.  Nine hours 40 minutes is the max set for the timer.  It is what it is…..

Our jello schedule for heading out West is starting to firm up.  We got a coupon for 7 free nights at Lazydays.  We got it when we bought the rig.  We’re going to try and use it for Lazydays in Tucson at the KOA there.  The KOA says we have to go to Lazydays first and they will validate the coupon.  Ooooo Kkkkkkkk.  We shall see how this goes.  No plan B yet.

See ya