Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Butt Party

I like that title.  It kinda grabs you in the butt.

Gas is $2.29 and diesel is $3.19 as of yesterday here in Livingston, Texas.  I know that’s cheaper than a lot places and it’s still going down and not leveling off at least around here.

It’s butt time.  It got up to in internal temp of 195 degrees in the smoker so it goes in the ice chest for now.

5 hours later it’s party time……break out the butt here comes Jim & Lisa, Mark & Dortha, and Jim & Kim.   A small crowd for a change.  This might be the last get together we have this time.  We will start storing stuff away for next time a little bit at a time so it’s not over whelming later on.

Here comes Mark later on.  He had to work so he is forgiven.  We all understand how it USE to be.  Now if we are late it isn’t due to work.  It’s just means we were busy being retired.

The smaller crowd gave us a chance to talk and listen to everybody.  It was great.  Thanks guys…..

See ya……