Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Saving Fuel Money, What Time?

First stop was at our bank to get some money.  With the fuel prices coming down I figured we will save about $100 a month on fuel.  Of course to save money you have to spend money.  What's wrong with that?  No wonder why the economy is starting to do better and in some cases the best in ten years.  Everything moves on fuel one way or another sooner or later.  How to fix the economy……Get the fuel prices down and stay down and other things improve.   That’s my two cents or is it still a nickel?

Now it’s off to see Mom who is in Woodville about 50 miles away.  She wanted to go out for lunch where she’s at and not come to Livingston for Christmas.  Too far to travel I think.  She wanted lunch at her favorite restaurant Elijah's for Christmas then that’s what she got.

We got back a little before 3 PM.  We were able to pick up our mail at the Escapee post office before they closed for the holidays.  It’s the last pick up for us before we leave Saturday.  Just junk mail (bills!).  We get almost all of our bills via the internet.  We have a few stragglers that slip in ever so often.  We normally   We get our snail mail about every 2-3 weeks.  No big deal anymore.  It’s been going on 15 years of full timing.  Wow, 15 years come June.  Damn.. here we are getting ready to pull out and we are both still excited to get going.  I guess we will give it another year to see if we like full timing or not.  duh…….

The time……it’s now 1:30 am on the 25th.  MERRY CHRISTMAS…..

See ya………….