Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Few More People

People are starting to roll into our area. Dick Reed had to leave this AM because of a very important Dr appointment back in Applegate, CA. Plus he had a fuel filter problem later on his way home. 

Today’s weather started out OK.  Then early afternoon it went down hill.  It started with some rain and wind.  Then someone turned on the friggin windmill.  We brought in all four slides which we have seldom had to do.

Earlier Mark Nemeth made some turkey/sausage gumbo for us and Denny & Susie Orr.  He has his gumbo recipe down real good.  If Mark fixes his gumbo and I do my chili for dinner, people would not have so much problems I think with their bottom end.  It’s like a  natural food rotor rooter – kills everything quickly and smoothly.

Since you all know what rain and wind looks like I didn’t take any pictures of it – it looks the same everywhere.  So I went back in time and pulled some pictures.



What else should you do when a giant frog is watching?  They don’t care when we watch them.



A man in heaven.  Tabasco factory store – oh what a relief it will be down the road !? The picture was taken this past November during our stay at Betty’s RV Park.



I got this shot on down in Louisiana this past November.



Betty's’ gathering place in Abbeville, LA.  What a hoot of a place.  We where their in Nov and will be back in April.



Lou Reed passed away last year.  Although she didn’t remember much these past few years, she always remembered to say her favorite saying, “Isn’t this a great life!".   Lou – yes it is and thanks for reminding us.

See ya………….

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