Thursday, November 7, 2013

Boot Camp Tradition

It’s 6 AM (Thur)and a cold 45 degrees out.  I got up at 5 AM and will stay up now.

The pork butt is looking good. 

I got things to do and places to be.  I got to pick up some goodies at Walmart, H.E.B. and Brookshire grocery stores for tonight.  I got to get the beans going.  Then add my special throw ins like smoked pork bark, ham and bacon that I can think of right off the top of my memory.

Well, I got that all accomplished…in & out everywhere pretty quick.

That night was fun.  Let’s see, we had George & Valerie, Kris & Randy, Lisa & Jim, Mark and another couple I can’t remember their names.  He’s one of George & Valerie’s driving instructors.  Nice couple who spent over 10 years up in Alaska.  We enjoyed their travels that they talked about.

Both the pulled smoked pork and my special beans were a big hit.  Mark rated my pork at about a “10”.  He’s my pork cooking mentor so that was a big deal for me.  I got one whole cooked butt left over and two more to do before we leave in 23 days.

Everybody was having a good time that I forgot to take pictures even with my camera setting on the counter in front of me.  Oh well, use your imagination.

The new Baby had another water problem.  These babies are something else.  If we are hooked up to city water our fresh water tank fills up (slowly) and overfills.  All valves (1) are turned off going to the tank.  We now fill up with fresh water and turn off the city water and just work with our tank and pump – no big deal.  I’m guessing it’s a valve stuck open on the water pump or the valve for the fresh water fill.  It’s the only 2 ways water can get into the tank so it has to be one or the other, I think.  I will go around and do some soft tapping to see if I can make it work right.  Where’s my big rubber hammer?

See ya….