Sunday, November 3, 2013

Baby’s Little Trip

We left about 10 AM or so.  We got fuel in Livingston.  Gas was$2.91 and diesel was $3.58.  This is the normal time of the year that fuel drops in price around here and other places.  It needs to drop another 50 cents but we all know that won’t happen.  Glad our fuel mileage has increased by almost 40%.  That’s a lot but only pays for part of the monthly payment.

The 150 mile trip was all red line roads (back roads) and even smaller than we normally travel.  The Baby did fine and we did to.

We arrived at M&G Engineering around 2:30 PM.  DSC_0001 It’s about 5 miles north of Athens, TX on state route 19.  I had to slam on the brakes so as not to pass it.  The Baby’s first hard brake test.  It stopped and the brakes didn’t smell too bad but definitely smelled.  The place is out in the rural area what I call the sticks.  It’s not a big place like one might think.  We are about 100 feet from route 19 which is a 4 laner and 75 MPH.  It’s VERY loud… ….VERY LOUD!!!!. No one was here put they said earlier to hook up to their 50 AMP plug.  No problem.  they had water and sewer but we didn’t hook up to it.DSC_0002 DSC_0003

We put up the sat dish and I watched NASCAR. 

It was a quiet evening except for the LOUD highway noise ALL night long.  Oh well that’s part of full timing sometimes.

Oh, before you ask why M & G tow brake system for us.  To make it very simple, we’ve had the rest, now we will get the best – again.  I know you all have the best and it works for you.  The M&G has worked great for us.  It’s a proportional brake system which means you step on the brakes of the coach and the brakes come on in the Jeep the same.  Some tow brake systems come on only on hard brake application or emergency type braking.  I don’t want that.  I want them brakes working all the time as if I was driving the Jeep.  Their device installs on the master cylinder brake system. Nothing inside the Jeep.  One airline to hook up when hooking up.  That’s it.  Keep it simple.  The cost is between $900 and $1,500 installed depending on your vehicle.  If you change tow vehicles every couple of years it’s not worth it.  Get a Air force One in that case.  It’s my second choice.  It’s transferable from vehicle to vehicle where the M&G usually isn’t.  The M&G is for air and non air coaches.

See ya….