Sunday, November 24, 2013

Link This

I was asked by my entire fan club (3) to include links back to my original web pages when I had the accident 10 months ago.  OK…

Today (Sunday) was cold and windy.  Yepper, cold and windy.  The hippy dippy weatherman said, 100% chance of rain Monday but only 70% Tuesday.  Wednesday it goes down to 30%.  Temps might not get out of the 30s for Monday.  That’s daytime.  What I 'am saying it’s time to get of here.   I got to get weighed one more time and take the Jeep out to test the tow brakes while hooked up.  If their too hot we have to take the Jeep back to M & G to readjust.  I can’t adjust them myself.  That means next Monday on our way West we go North.  In that case we would go to Freightliner to get the alignment checked out either in Tyler or Abilene, Texas plus have them install the automatic front wheel balancers.  I will try to take the Baby out this Wednesday to do the testing to see if our route needs to change.  I won’t take it out in the rain.  That is because Escapees don’t weigh in the rain and two can’t get a good temp on the tow brakes if it’s raining.

Now in the middle of all this we got two Thanksgiving Diners.  One here with my Mom Wednesday to prep for and  one Thursday with the Escapees at the Activity Center.  Plus get the mobile/lot, Mariner ready for storage but not until Friday.  We will be using it all until then. 

Not moaning or groaning, just saying what the facts are.

We were doing fine until mother nature decided we needed some cold rain.  We are still doing fine because we are full timers in a recreational vehicle.

See ya….