Monday, November 18, 2013

Smoked Butt & Fun

I’m thinking about taking my 4 solar panels out west.  I’m just nor sure it’s worth all the hassle.  I think I will see if I can get them in the large slide out tray underneath without too much trouble.  I think they just won’t fit with all the other stuff.  We got to get the electric installed on the lot in AZ.  I got to get the LP heater plumed in the rig and hook up the Progressive Industries to our incoming electric line.  Hello Denny & Ed……!

Anyhow…the pork butt is looking good.  I had two butts in the smoker.  One reached about 185 degrees so I took it out.  The other other one cooked for another 3 hours to reach 180 degrees.  It’s done.  I spray them with some apple juice and wrap them up in some tin foil.  Then wrap again in a towel.  Then in a closed container for another 4-5 hours so they can rest in their own juices.  I know there are easier ways but I just like doing it this way.  It makes me think they taste better this long way.

OK, farewell dinner for the Boot Camp instructors and assistants.  Again, it was fun..DSC_0001


We did some wine tasting of the Duck Dynasty wine.  It didn’t pass anything.  Mark thought it was number one I think.DSC_0002


Lisa thought it was worth yelling about, blahhhhhh.DSC_0005


Mark has a tendency to fall asleep curing conversations that he is not participating in.DSC_0006


When not asleep Mark had a hard time keeping his hat on.  Kris and randy are in the background trying to figure out what’s going on.DSC_0007


Jim loved the cookies and Lisa loved the stories.  They drank a lot……..Pepsi and root beer.DSC_0012

We all told stories of years past some where probably even true.  Jim really likes cookies.  He ate a bunch then stuffed his pockets full as they were leaving.  He’s the cookie monster for sure.   Lisa & Jim leave tomorrow.  We won’t see them again until Quartzsite in January.

I think we all had fun and will have new stories this time a year from now when we do it again.  Thank you all for letting me cook for you all.  It was a honor and pleasure to do so.

See ya.