Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jello Reservations/Curves Galore

I made reservations for Nellis AFB Vegas for the end of May.  It’s our daughter’s college graduation and we will be there.  There’s a Thousand Trails park there but it’s usually a pretty tight campground site wise.  Probably the tightest among Thousand Trail parks.

I went ahead and made reservations from when we leave here all the way thru May.  We usually don’t but figured what the hell we might as well with all these membership parks we belong too.  Our jello schedule is in the frig and starting to get hard as us full timers sometime say.  As always, it’s subject to change and that’s OK.

I got two neat carrying bags at Cabelas yesterday.  Normally they were $24.99 each on sale for $9.99.  I had a $20 free coupon plus 5% military discount.  Total cost was 72 cents.  That’s mind kind of deal.  I will use one to carry motorcycle strap tie downs.  The other one I will put “stuff” in it.  Now Carol wants one and even Ed wants one.  Sounds like another trip to Cabelas in the near future.

Toady Carol and I rode the Harley trike thru the hills of Prescott National Forest to Prescott via route 89.  On the way back that is.  Route 89 is a twisty road thru the mountains for about 20 miles.  It has a lot of hairpin turns along with some switchbacks.  The curves are many and become very tiring in a car or a motorcycle.  Most people take the route thru Skull Valley which is a little longer route but basically a good drive when compared to route 89.  We took the Skull Valley route to Prescott.  We did an errand at the Post Office in Prescott then had lunch.  We went to Lowe’s to get some hangers for the inside of the cargo trailer.  Carol wanted some ginger snap cookies so we went to Trader’s Joe’s.  they have her favorite cookies.

Oh, at the post office I sat under a pine tree. Son of a gun if that tree didn’t drop sap all over the trike. Now I got some real tedious work ahead.

Now it was time to head back and we decided to go back via route 89 thru the mountains.  It was time to break us in on how the Harley trike would do on this treacherous but beautiful route.  I don’t plan to do it again anytime soon.  It wore me out with all the turns.  It’s actually work on a trike.  It takes more physical strength to turn a trike than a two wheel motorcycle.  Well we made it and got a lot of experience with the trike.

We got back just in time for social hour.  The gang had gone out on an ATV run so Walt could break in his new (used) Polaris RZR.  Sounds like they had a lot of fun and no break downs not even Walt this time.  I think the girls are planning to take the RZRs out this Friday.

We were in bed by 9 PM.  We were very tired from the 120 miles of mostly mountain twisty roads.

See ya.