Monday, February 16, 2015



DSCN0612 Yep, Carol & I rode the Harley trike to Bagdad.  It was a pretty nice drive.  Carol said she really enjoyed the ride too.  It’s definitely a company town.  Most the houses were the same and they all had dirty trucks in front of them.  They have a steak house there and a diner plus a big grocery store and a convenience store and a gas station.   It’s by no means a dying town.

The diner closes at 2 PM and that’s about when we got there.  Look close and you can see some kids over to the left waving at us.DSCN0614

It was about a 110 mile round trip.  The Harley got 38 miles per gallon.  I learned to use the electronic cruise control today.

Later the guys went to the movies while the girls got together and do what ever they do.  We saw the …. I forget.   Good acting and well directed I think.  It was about a POW during WW II.  I wouldn’t see it again or buy the CD.  It wasn’t that type of movie.  Basically about a man and his will to live in a POW camp.

I was contacted by a motorcycle outfit company that wants me to test some products.  OK……. There sending me about $200 worth of stuff to test and I don’t have to return them.  I ordered a rain suit and a luggage carrier for the top of the trunk.  We shall see in 3-5 days.

See ya……