Friday, February 6, 2015

Lips Are Moving – They’re Lying

The Harley dealer promised he would call me today (Friday) and tell me if he found out an arrival/delivery date on my Harley one way or another.  His lips were moving and he didn’t call.  I even called an hour before they closed and left a message and he didn’t call me back.  He originally told me that the one they had in stock was loaded with accessories so I couldn’t have it my price.  It was at their other Harley dealer that they own also.  Well, I called that other dealer and found out that they do have that black Freewheeler like I was told but it had no accessories on it what so ever.  Lips are moving again.  Since my dealer was now closed I sent him an email saying that I expect to pick up my trike next week.  Saturday will be interesting because now my lips are moving.

I also got noticed that I won the bid on EBay for an enclosed V nose 6’X10’ motorcycle trailer.  It’s located at a trailer dealer up near Dallas, TX.  I wanted black and orange but got a black and pewter.  Yes, pewter.  I called them and gave them a deposit.  Love those credit cards.  I will pick it up next week if the Harley delivery works out.  They also said they would give me all the paperwork so I can register it myself.  Lips are moving again. This way I can get the tag/title immediately by registering it myself and it won’t be chasing us all over the country.

My plans are to drive to Livingston making it in two days (1,200 miles) towing the 2012 Harley on the little open trailer.  Then go to Dallas (200 miles) and pick up the new trailer and return (200 miles) to Livingston.  Spend the next day cleaning up the 2012 Harley from the road trip from AZ.  Then put it in the new trailer and the next day go to the Harley dealer and complete the deal on the trike.  Load the new trike in the new trailer and take it back to Livingston (only 50 miles).  Then rest a day or so and register the new trailer.  Back on the road to Congress, AZ towing the trailer/trike (1,200 miles).  Those are my plans.  I do have a plan B.

Anyhow, today (Friday) Carol and I went into Phoenix to get the oil changed in the Jeep and Carol get her nails done.  I get my oil changed at Walmart and I always upgrade to a full synthetic oil (5W30) since the Jeep was new (20K ago).  I have it changed about every 5,000 miles.  I filled up the tank at $1.89 a gallon.

When we got back about 3-4 PM we settled in and stayed in even though it was a nice day out.  It hit 80 degrees in Phoenix.  A lot of motorcycles out and about.  I'll probably load my bike up on the trailer today with the help of the “guys”.

See ya………..