Wednesday, February 25, 2015

On the Road Again - Almost

Yesterday I went back to that Mexican restaurant in Wickenburg about my bill.  After a few minutes of going over the bill they concluded it was wrong.  No apologies just $15 in cash.  They were nice about it though.

Sad Note.  Walt & Kellie's dog, Abby, of nice years has passed on.  I think a lot of us have had similar feelings when we have lost a family pet member.  Carol & I remember the funny times that they all have brought us.   Good night little doggie… happy trails.

I got the trike and trailer all situated for our Thursday trip to Tucson.  Checked the tire pressures and put up the jacks.  Ed turned it around with his Rhino so I could hitch up to the Jeep.  Inside it’s just a matter of using four straps to tie the trike down and making sure nothing moves around in the trailer.  I put some “stuff” in it.  It won’t damage the trike even if the stuff moves around.

Checked the RV tire pressures.  One was down due to a tire monitor leaking.  Ed removed the monitor when I was gone.  I finished filling the tire up to meet the other tire pressures.  It’s been below 40 degrees the last few mornings so all of the pressures were down to about 102 lbs.  In 55-60 degree weather I have all of them about 108-110 lbs which is their max.  I can’t really tell the ride difference of 10 lbs so why not be  safer and fill them up to their max.

Washing the rig… It just didn’t happen… for many reasons but the real truth is that I just didn’t feel like it.

Carol made some killer biscuits and gravy yesterday.  For those that remember Bob and Betty Bears biscuit & gravy, this was right up there with theirs.  Great job!  (brownie points)

I called Cabela’s and cancelled my order with them.  Eight days is enough time and they couldn’t deliver.  I cancelled their credit card too.  Don’t want to deal with them anymore.  I ordered the item (tent) from Amazon and will have it delivered Friday.  Facts speak for themselves.

I emptied out our tanks and disconnected our water.  That’s harder to do in the AM in 40 degree weather so I do it the day before.  No bigee.

We had dinner at Ed & Sandy’s.  We sat around afterwards and talked about some of our family (kids) RVing adventures.  It was great.

Well,  we’re back on the road tomorrow.  We got 200 miles to Davis-Monthan AFB in Tucson.  I called their campground and they said we would have to go to overflow ($9) for one night probably.  They don’t take reservations and they’re pretty full.  They have about 200 FHU sites.

See ya….