Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sunny & Warm

Back to Monday.  Really good weather especially for February thru New Mexico and Texas.  Everything was really great.  The Jeep towing the bike this long of distance was fine.  I maxed out the tire air inflation on the trailer and the rear tires of the Jeep.  Under inflated tires would be a possible down fall I don’t want to experience. 

I didn’t forget anything as far as I know so far.  I drive and when I get sleepy I stop.  Wake up and drive until I get sleepy again.  I normally don’t watch the clock.  If I’m sleepy I sleep.  If not I drive.  No schedule of anything.  This is the way I use to drive the big trucks and then transport new RVs.  It really messed up my required driving log books which I really didn’t keep.  I drove safe and not by a Federal log book.

I went up to Dallas (Mon) and picked up the motorcycle trailer. It’s better than I thought.  DSCN0594

I got back to Livingston about 6 PM.  that’s a total of about 1,700 miles since early yesterday morning.  Jon & Sue came over and greeted be back.  Later Mark came over and brought me some cold beer.  I was thirsty.  We talked about our plans to do a West Coast ride after the Escapade.  He left and I was not sleepy.  No TV.  I watched a DVD movie until about 10:30 and called it a day.

Tuesday – Up at 7 AM.  Got the Harley ready to move off the trailer.DSCN0590

Moved the new trailer to a better spot.  Moved the Mariner out of the Barn.  I got vehicles all over the place.DSCN0595  

Took some inside measurements of the trailer and did some figuring.  Need to adjust the weight in it so I don’t have so much coming down on the Jeep hitch.DSCN0593

I went to Walmart and got some food “stuff”.  Not sure when I will leave.  Went to the automatic car wash with the Jeep - twice.  A lot of bugs left on it after the first time so the 2nd time was free.

Got back and took the Harley off the trailer without no problem.  Just coasted backwards on a little hill.  DSCN0592I  then cleaned it it up real good.  Went to start it and it wouldn’t start.  I think going down the road the lights would flash ever so often from the movement of the trailer.  I jumped started it with the Jeep.  I put it in the new trailer.  I had to move it towards the rear of the trailer.  It was to far forward at first thus too much hitch weight.  The trailer has a front  wheel lock but it will have to be moved backwards about two feet.  I was able to strap it down real good and it was easy.

The Harley dealer called me.  They just about finished accessorizing the trike the way I wanted.  I will pick it up 10-11 AM tomorrow.  Mark said he would be over in the evening to check it all out and help put on the Harley decals on the trailer

Went to dinner with Jim & Lisa Kocca to the Catfish King.  First time for me in years since it burnt down & rebuilt.  Hey, 3 pieces of catfish, fries, beans, hush puppies for $5.99 (senior) it was really great.

Went to bed at 9 PM after watching a movie.  No nap!

See ya…….